BMW Roadside Assistance Customer Service


How To Contact BMW Roadside Assistance Customer Service

BMW Roadside Assistance offers roadside protection for BMW owners for the first four years from the original in-service date, with no mileage restrictions and at no cost.

BMW of North America, LLC

300 Chestnut Ridge Road

Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677-7731

BMW Roadside Email: 1-800-332-4269


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  1. Requested car to be towed to an alternate dealership. After hanging up, I received call back from Roadside Assistant asking, “Which dealership”? I restated location. Was given no indication that my request was unreasonable. Tow truck came, dragged the car onto the lift, and tow man stated he was taking it to the wrong dealership. After two phone calls, one of which the Assistant stated she could not help me without the car’s VIN # (I’m stranded and a query can’t be run with any other info????really?). After I called my dealership for VIN#, I recalled BMW Roadside, attempting to get my car to the correct dealership. Assistant told me they had no record of sending a tow truck to the location I gave. Complete and total incompetence from your service. God fore bid if I hadn’t been in a safe location. Totally ridiculous! Assistant admitted that she entered the VIN# incorrectly for her search. If one more person told me they were sorry …..Incompetence!!!!

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