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  1. I spent time researching and decided to purchase a Cadillac SRX. We bought it brand new in 2013. It currently has 35,450 miles on it. Since I bought it, the radio/navigation system has gone out, I have had to have the water pump replaced. These two items were under warranty. The water pump just was fixed last week and then the check engine light came on and the sensor & connect for the MAF had to be replaced. I’m extremely disappointed as this wasn’t under warranty and I had to pay $525 out of pocket costs. How does a Cadillac that has only 36k in miles have so many problems. I’m extremely disappointed in Cadillac and had hoped that the additional cost of the vehicle would warrant minimal repairs for the first 75,000 miles. Is that too much to ask?

  2. My name is William, My mother in law is Kathy. She is a loyal ,loyal, loyal Cadillac owner. I have known her for 15 years and she has ALWAYS had your vehicles.

    She has reason to be. Her husband was Raymond Bates Of Thompson McConnell Cadillac for many many years. He earned top salesman awards, Plaques and certificates of appreciation.

    He got up every day to a pressed suit and tie from Kathy who would send him off to work. Never NOT came to work in a suit!

    He loved being a Cadillac salesman. He ALWAYS took care of those who bought the CADILLAC name. Even when there were times he would come home with his paycheck that was $0.00 because of sales being down he never strayed from his loyalties.

    Ray was Kathy’s love and he passed away in early 2000 from cancer. Destroyed Kathy!

    I was with her when I was 1st dating my wife(my then girlfriend), and it was shortly after his passing. To keep him alive and him in her heart she went out and bought another Cadillac, a 2004 SRX.

    She went back to Thompson McConnell, saw all the old people he used to work with and all the people she used to attend the company functions with. Saw Rays photo and plaque still hanging on the wall. Even went in his old office. It absolutely tore me apart.

    Now here we are, many years later and my mother in law is getting the runaround, from the same “CADILLAC FAMILY” that she IS so loyal to.

    Her 2004 SRX has constantly been in the shop since jump. As of lately she has been back to the dealer 4 to 5 times for the same problem in the last month. Each and EVERY TIME being charged more and more and more.

    The excuses range from…” WE GOT IT!!!” ALL GOOD”…..2 days later, same problem….”Well, that was the 1st problem along the airline, NOW WE HAVE THE 2nd part in the line. We need to order the part. It’s gonna cost xxxxxx”……happened again YESTERDAY….”Well, I don’t know, It’s the 3rd part in the line. You now need to pay this.

    The “PART” comes in that day(last night), they put it on…again we pay a lot out of pocket AGAIN! “we got it this time!” he tells her…

    Less than an hour later my wife, my baby girl, and my mother in law are stranded on the side of the road with the exact same problem. Car shut down AGAIN!

    The car has 150,000 miles on it. I just traded my Ford Focus in with 232,000 miles on it, and in the 14 years I owned it , it was in the shop a total of 5 times EVER! She will not steer clear of Cadillac which in my opinion over the years of watching all the problems she has had with CADILLACs she should run away screaming! She pays the money each and every time. She’s a widow and spends money she doesn’t have a car that should be a, as they put it…”The Cadillac of vehicles on the road”!!!

    She is in absolute tears over all the repairs and run around that Cadillac is giving her. I say trade it in, get something practical from somewhere else. My wife tells me Billy leave her be, she will never leave Cadillac, it’s what she has left of my dad.

    Do you hear this? Please help my mother in law. Kathy. Lifetime Cadillac owner!

    Thank you for taking the time to listen if you can help?

  3. I own a 2011 CTS AWD wagon. 4 years old… 54,000 miles. Still in warranty as far the engine and drive train. The ETC sensor failed and warned an immediate trip to the dealer. The dealer charged me 49.00 to confirm that the sensor was bad. The dealer also wanted to charge me 250.00 to replace the sensor. The sensor is barely accessible and is threaded into the intake manifold… an integral part of the engine. I had the same issue with a 2011 Chevy Cruze that 89,000 miles on the clock. Chevy and Bill Buck Chevrolet treated me like a king and repaired the problem. Cadillac and Foster Cadillace spit in my face … now that’s bull !

    I have had 12 Cadillacs,,, 6 brand new… never again.

  4. 0I purchased a 2015 AST Cadillac that does not say what type of tire I have on the car and the dealership does not know,,UNREAL! The tires are marked Michelin P225/45/R17 V90. The car has no spare time and no pump so I assume they are Run Flat Tires and can I rotate them?

    Vic # 1G6AB5RX5F1011798. Engine 2.0L Turbo 4 – CYL.

    Can you tell me?



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