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  1. I have always favored chick-fil-a, it’s THE BEST. I have no problem with the food quality at any location here in Montgomery, Alabama. But, this particular morning I was displeased with the service after. I placed an order, got to the window and paid, received what I thought was my order. I never check my order because it’s always right but today it wasn’t. I returned to the location, waited in line to get my correct order. The young lady that brought the order to be given remembered me and proceeded to get my order. Upon my return the cashier had changed as well. The new cashier asks me did I pay the correct amount for the food I ordered since it was wrong. I was offended because the other young lady already acknowledged the fact that I had made the order. I had no receipt to show for my purchase because I never received one but had I had one I surely would have presented it to her. Please make sure the employees include a receipt because I pay for what I want and to ask me that was offensive. At least I felt that way. But you guys are still great.

  2. I went out of my normal locale to eat at Chick Fil A’s restaurant because he stood firm on the LQBQ issue, but he recently reversed his views and caved in to the pressure of the lgqbt community. I will not eat at a Chick Fil A again. Let’s see how tolerant this website is, or will they delete my comment.

  3. Great food. Great values. Slightly over priced. So much better for you though than any other fast food chain. Treat employees well.

  4. I really love the chick fil A food my favorite in the menu it’s the #5 with the 8 count any complaints before but today I passed and do my order I wait a lot between do my order and get my food and when I got home and I’m ready to eat my 8 pieces I just have 7 ??

  5. I visited your Daphne, AL store on 12 Sep 15 and had an experience that all management within Chick-Fil-A should know about. Pulling away from the store, having already failed to find a bowling alley where I was supposed to meet my son very shortly to watch the Alabama game, I saw two young ladies walking in the parking lot maybe having just ended their shift and thought they will surely know where the nearby bowling alley is so, I rolled down my window and asked them if they could help. Now keep in mind that I’m 66 years and look like it, a gray-headed old man. Case in point this kind young lady had no interest here other than helping a lost customer. As soon as I explained what I was looking for Morgan says, “just follow me and I’ll take you right there, and she did, waved and drove off. I don’t think that she wasn’t even going that way. I did find my son and, in time for kick-off. Your employees are always among the nicest people I’ve ever encountered, however, Morgan at your 30500 State Hwy 181 store in Daphne Takes The Cake in my book. I also want to make it clear that I never laid eyes on this young lady before and am not related to her, she is simply a fine young lady and I’m sure a great asset to your company. Thanks for hiring such people!

  6. Sounds to me like you caved in for 30 pieces of silver . Which means you won’t. Be getting any more of mine. I started going to your restaurants when you needed the support and this how you show appreaction. Your as spineless as your boneless chicken

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