KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Customer Service


How To Contact KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Customer Service

KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain, specializing in Original Recipe, Extra Crispy Chicken.



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  1. Tulsa Ok. I had a coupon for a 2 pc snack, leg & thigh $2.99, breast & wing $3.99. I ordered 2 of the breast & wing and 1 of the leg & thigh and was told I could only get 1 each with the coupon. The coupon says no limit. This is either false advertising or the dumb manager does not know how to do his job. I was on here trying to find a place to file a complaint but there is no place to contact KFC. I will not be going back to a KFC.

  2. I went through the drive thru in evanston wy an ordered the 20 peace dinner meal for my family an didn’t check to see if it was all there or right till I got home an come to find out half my order was missing an the chicken was cold an not freshan when I tried to call an get it stratened out the there was no answer for two days an when I finaly got ahold of the manger she was rude an called me a lier I’m not impressed with KFC don’t they know the customer is always right

  3. Hello KFC.

    My name is Akmal M. Ismatov. I’m from Uzbekistan. Since I had study in USA, I had a chance to visit KFC many times and I love it. Thanks to Colonel Sanders the secret recipe.

    Dear KFC, I wonder if you are interested in opening KFC in Uzbekistan. I’m ready to provide you with any informations that you are interested in and will be glad to cooperate in marketing research. Thank you.

    With regards,

    Akmal Ismatov.

    P.S. Sorry, I couldn’t find your direct e-mail adress.

  4. I am 84 years old living on pensions. There is no way I can spend $4.00 for a small leg and a small wing. It is good that good. Because of reductions in staffing drive-up window is very slow. People drive away I can’t find my store number but location is Mayfield, Ky. Bev

  5. Your chicken was so nasty and greasy my cats would not even eat it. My wife and I are really dissatisfied with your products. Besides this I did not get what I ordered, not that it mattered, it wasn’t worth eating !! I cannot see how you even stay in business !!!

  6. My Daughter is working for KFC in Porterville, CA and they told her she would be getting 25 hours a week and she is barely getting 8. We try to plan things for the weekends but it is impossible to have her go with us when she is “ON CALL” in case they need her. I would like to see her get more hours and a steady paycheck.

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