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American Airlines Customer Service. American is part of the AMR Corporation. American Airlines provides airline jet service to approximately 160 destinations throughout North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia. American’s largest competitors are Delta Airlines and Southwest.

American Airlines USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address


4333 Amon Carter Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX 76155 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-963-1234 and 1-800-433-7300

Fax Number: 1-817-967-9641

Email Address:

Web Services & Tech Support: 1-800-222-2377 Option 1

AA Advantage: 1-800-882-8880

Refund Customer Service: 1-918-254-3777

Spanish: 1-800-633-3711

Hearing & speech impaired: Dial 711

User Provided Numbers: 1-800-535-5225

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24/7 – 24 Hours – 7 Days a week 

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American Airlines Customer Service
American Airlines Customer Service

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  1. Hi, My son left his passport on a flight from Phoenix to El Paso last July 2017. Ever since that time I have been trying, with no success, to get the passport returned. I was told that it was found and sent to your Dallas main office. Since that time I have filed several online reports. I was told that I would receive updates on those reports via e-mail, I have received nothing. I have also spoken with several of your representatives, who took the information, and said someone would contact me with follow up. Again, no one has provided any follow up. It has been almost one year, and I cannot get anyone to help with this matter. (which I think is pretty important as it is a lost passport)The El Paso office confirmed that they had the passport, read off the number and my sons name to me, so I know it was in their possession. I son’t know why they could not send it to me, or let me pick it up, but Their supervisor said that they had to send it to the main American Airlines office in Dallas, and I could file an online report (which I have several times.) Can someone please help me with this issue. This is so frustrating,I can’t believe that this is your acceptable standard for customer service. Until last year you were my favorite airline. But I flew three times with last year, and had boiling water spilled on me (literally, not exaggerating, second degree burns all over my foot and ankle) had vomit on the seat and down the armrest on another flight, and then this passport issue. What’s going on with you guys?

  2. To Whom This May Concern At American Airlines:

    The service that was received on flight #1277 from Miami to Charlotte and connection with flight 1885 to Buffalo International on May 14, 2018, was deplorable. My daughter A. Herrnson was on a flight home from Miami to Buffalo. This flight was delayed. The pilot made up for the delay and landed and allowing the passengers to exit the plane at 10:04. The stewardesses informed the 5 or so passengers that they had to hurry in order to not miss the connection. The connection was at 10:08. The passengers were insured that the connecting flight was informed that there were customers coming from the Miami craft heading to Buffalo. The flight crew # MCSTLI never informed the aircraft of FT1885

    of such passengers. The crew of Ft 1885 were to close the door at 10:08. My daughter ran to the gate. Her IPHONE read 10;08 p.m. to be informed that Flight 1885 had an early close some 10 minutes earlier and under no cirstuffstances allow for anybody to board. The ground crew on flight 1885 told her they were never informed of such connection.

    She had a final in the morning. There were no other planes leaving Charlotte that night. She not only was missing her final, there was no help with accommodations for a hotel. All the local hotels by the airport were sold out. American just let their customers down. My daughter was finally able to get a hotel room for $110.00. Needless to say, coming from the Hospitality Industry this kind of service was not only poor it is inexcusable. I am mortified to say my child was flying American Airlines and treated like a second-class citizen. As a graduate of Florida International University School of Hospitality, American Airlines looks to this University to help grow their upper management. I certainly will make a call to the Deans of the University to let them know American Airlines is NOT standing up to its name. My daughter’s flight left the following morning at 9:00. She missed her final, Thanks to a few employees at American Airlines that could careless with ground communications to ensure the plane was actually on time. I will render a receipt for the hotel from a copy of a bank statement. $110.00 is a small price to pay for a college student to miss a final, get lied to, and promised an untruthful communication. Disgraceful. I could except this from an inferior airline, not American Airlines. This is just unexceptable.

  3. i purchased an employee 20% ticket to travel from mlb/alb/mlb i had to cancel for medical doctor sent a letter and i sent the refund request form,i checked this morning with the post office and was told it was picked up by your people on 3/9/2018 at 8:05 a.m.

    when i spoke to a phone rep 1-800-882-8880 i informed her i was a 35 year retiree from american,i dont think she could have cared less.i sent all paperwork i was told to send,so i dont under stand why american wont refund my ticket price.i truly hope you can do something for me i did not cancel the ticket for the fun of it,i did it for open heart surgery.

  4. I was traveling from Minneapolis to Pensacola via Dallas on 2/20/2018. My original flight was canceled, never given a reason, but heard it was not full and there was a later flight for us that day, meaning a 5 hour wait. The later flight got delayed due to bad weather in Dallas area. We sat on the tarmac for 2 hours and 58 minutes, after boarding, then unboarding, and reboarding!We had to wait an hour for a gate after arriving in Dallas. We all missed our connections, had to spend the night and then the morning flight was delayed. The pilot announced that had been the most screwed up flight he had been on in 20 years of flying. The ground agents were rude and appeared very disorganized, not prepared at all to handle our questions. Then when I finally got the Pensacola the next day, my luggage did not! I hope I never had to fly American again!

  5. I bought a ticket for my grandson to come out and your airline has cancelled the flight two times in a row. My daughter has paid 50.00 dollars in parking plus gas and a hotel to get him there. I have paid 150.00 for escort because he is a minor and your employees tell me there is nothing they can do. I would think he could have been put on some other flight or airline to get here. his flight was nonstop to Denver and Weather was not a facter in either city I will never use american again. they want to put him on the same flight again on the 15th

  6. American Airlines your Great! Seems that lately all you hear about airlines are horror stories!

    we had to cancel our reservations last minute due to a death in the family and I notified

    American Airlines immediately, and they refunded my money the following week! I didn’t have to call

    or email them to find out what was happening with my refund they just handled it and notified me via email

    when it was all done. I am extremely grateful to American Airlines and quite impressed with their customer service…….Great Service!

  7. I have flown with American Airlines on business for 11 years for some 45 to 50 trips. This past March 2017, I needed to make a flight time change of approximately 2 hours. The flight was a one hour trip between Amarillo and Dallas. AA said they would charge $1,000 to make the change and not refund the money for the original flight between Amarillo and Dallas. After several phone calls and arguing with them, I finally decided to drive the 4 1/2 hours and pay an extra $200 for the rental car. In addition, AA also charged me another $350 for the leg from Dallas back home. Essentially, they were paid for the originally scheduled flight from Amarillo to DFW; they had the opportunity to sell that seat to someone else; and they got paid a third time for that same seat with the additional $350. They simply do not care.


  9. Cancelled a full flight on June 2 going to Jackson Hole – vacation spot – after 4 hour delay. Then had no options for rebooking – except 3 days later. We had to go and book ourselves to a different airport and drive an extra 4 hours to get to our hotel. They offered us a $200 voucher for our trouble. They care NOTHING about customer service. Time to start complaining to our Congress and start videoing these awful experiences and putting them out there for everyone to see. That is the way the culture gets changed these days. Make a public statement and shame them into acting like a decent company with some ethics.

    Look how fast the lawsuit was settled when everyone videod the man man being dragged off the plane. So please everyone, take out your phones and lets get these airlines to have some decency when we pay their outrageous rates and their corporate officers are making millions.

  10. Zero Stars for the worst treatment ever PLEASE DO’NT EVER FLY AMERICAN! Fly Alaska instead!

    The vacation to Hawaii that we booked for our family 7 months ago, dreamed of for 20 years, and were finally able to finish saving for in the last year by not doing many things (including giving the trip in lieu of Christmas gifts for the kids this year)….. it did not happen. Instead, we sat in the airport at DIA from 9:30 a.m. – 11 p.m. while American Airlines lied to passengers (IF they gave any information), were incredibly rude, created messes through incompetence that took hours to straighten out (some never were), were unhelpful to the point of actually saying, “We’re too busy to help you…” Ultimately they were unable to get our family to Hawaii because it is impossible to come up with six extra seats on several flights/carriers at the last minute or even within days. (Which is why we booked last May!)

    Everyone around us was similarly treated and we found the internet full of identical complaints of family vacations ruined. It looks like the problems are pretty much company-wide and not just confined to Denver. It should not be acceptable for American Airlines to continue treating people this way.

    Events of 1/4/16

    Our Itinerary:

    American Airlines Flight 5932 departing Denver 11:44 a.m. arriving in Los Angeles 1:20 p.m.

    American Airlines Flight 247 departing Los Angeles 6:00 p.m. arriving in Kona 9:56 p.m.

    We were seated by gate A51 spending the last hour before boarding time of 11:14 a.m. making sure we were all ready. Initially we were told our plane was delayed by 45 minutes. Then it was delayed by 20 minutes more. The plane finally pulled up to the gate. At ~12:40 p.m. the people manning gate A51 came over the loud speaker and said there were mechanical problems and they would update us in 15 minutes on whether or not the plane would fly.

    At ~1:00 p.m. Father of family went to the gate to find out what was going on at 1:00 because they never gave us an update. He explained our situation, a family of six (including a minor) flying together for vacation in Kona. He asked if they thought the flight would be canceled or were they flying in another plane? He also asked if they could get our family on another flight if this one was canceled. The person at gate A51 said to wait and they would know more in 15 minutes.

    ~1:05 p.m. as father of family came back to his seat after speaking to the person at the gate, he looked at flight departure board and it displayed the time for flight 5932 to depart as 1:20 p.m. We had a glimmer of hope that they had fixed the problem since they changed the departure time, but we also told the kids there was no way they could load the plane and depart by 1:20 p.m. Meanwhile everyone working left gate A51. After a while they came back. No updates.

    At ~2:55 p.m. we saw that the departure board said flight 5932 was leaving at 3 p.m. Of course there was no way. Father of family returned to the gate desk to ask them about the change on the board. The people at the gate desk said they still didn’t know if the plane would fly. Father of family told them we had to leave by 4:00 p.m. in order to get to LA in time to catch our flight to Kona. The woman at the desk said we’ll let you know something in 15 minutes. (We knew from experience that was a lie.) Between 1:05 p.m. and 2:55 p.m. Father of family had been checking other airlines to see if any flights were leaving LA for Kona after 6:00 p.m. and there were none. He told the woman at the desk this information and she said they hoped this plane would fly, but that they could get us out of LA in the morning if they had to.

    At ~4:00 p.m. they announced over the loud speaker that they still did not know if the plane would fly and said we’ll update you know in 15 minutes. At ~4:30 p.m. they announced that flight 5932 was cancelled. Too late for us to make our connection.

    All the passengers from flight 5932 had to get in line in front of gate A51 desk to be reassigned flights. There were 2 people at the gate desk helping people so the passengers roughly formed two lines. A heavy set woman with blonde hair from American (whom we had not seen at the gate desk) walked up and was snapping, “Come on people, get in a single file line!” A passenger very politely asked if she wanted the line to the left or the right. She spat out, “Just merge the lines! Act like adults!” She then walked along handing out slips of paper with a number for American Airlines Customer Service and said we could call this number and they would also help us get on different flights.

    Through calling that number, father of family was able to get us on flight 693 to Phoenix that left Denver at 6 p.m. Next, we would be taking a flight leaving Phoenix arriving in LA at 10:30 p.m. We’d have to stay overnight in LA and leave the next morning. The person on the phone said they would give us a voucher for a hotel. Father of family asked where we would get all of these papers and the lady on the phone said they would be waiting at gate A50 which was directly across from where we were.

    Father of family went to gate A50 to pick up the papers and mother of family followed shortly after to ask whether our luggage would need to be picked up in LA or going on to Kona. As mother of family got there, an oriental lady with an accent that was difficult to understand, was laying down 18 different boarding passes and saying “Go to the gate when it opens because 4 of your 6 tickets are standby.” The two passes with assigned seats were not together. We told her, “We can’t fly standby with a child and he needs to sit next to one of us.” The oriental lady walked away. Our boarding passes were just laying there and father of family asked the other lady, NL, “Is she coming back? Are we supposed to take these?” NL snapped out, “Sir, we have an active flight here. She explained everything very clearly to you!” We told her that she didn’t answer ANY of our questions! NL did not respond and did not even look at us. We picked up the 18 boarding passes, laid them out on the floor to get them organized by flight, and then returned to the line we had been in at gate A51.

    Eventually the lady at gate A51 desk got us assigned seats on that same flights and we were given 18 different boarding passes and she took back the boarding passes we had received at gate A50. She also gave us a meal voucher for dinner at DIA and breakfast at LAX (neither of which was enough for six people to eat in an airport.) She said she couldn’t give us a hotel voucher but she’d pass the word to LA. We asked if she was sure we’d be able to make the connection from Phoenix to LA because it was only 30 minutes. She said, “Oh yes, that’s standard.” Father of family said, “Well, 5 hours in LA wasn’t enough today.” She immediately left the gate desk and as we looked around, pretty much every gate at American was empty at that end of the A terminal.

    We literally had not even gotten 20 feet away from the gate desk and father of family received a text alert that the flight to Phoenix would be delayed at least an hour. That meant we wouldn’t be able to make our connection to LA.

    We looked around and found only one gate (A49, I think) that had one person working. Another passenger from our flight went with us because he was going to miss his rescheduled connection, too. We told the lady there briefly about needing to reschedule and she said, “I’m too busy to help you. Go wait at another gate until someone comes.” She walked away without telling us which gate and making it clear she really didn’t care.

    We picked gate A50 where the delayed flight to Phoenix was going to leave and waited about 20 minutes before someone came. They told us they could get us on Alaska Airlines flight 675 to Seattle, leaving Denver at 7:55 p.m. and arriving in Seattle at 10:05 p.m. The next morning we would take Alaska Airlines flight 454 leaving Seattle at 5:00 a.m. and arriving in LA at 7:39 a.m. We would then be able to catch American Airlines flight 59 from LA to Kona that we were already booked on. We would have to sleep in the airport as there wouldn’t be time to get a hotel room and then be back at the airport at 3:00 a.m. to go through security, but at least we could make our flight to Kona the next morning, so we said okay.

    The young lady at gate A50 started working on arranging the flights for us. The computer started spitting out all these boarding passes, tickets, and other papers. The young lady was talking to her co-worker about how there were 10 pages for every 1 they needed at American (whom she had just recently started working for.) Then she paused and was looking at a name and I saw it was name of husband and son and I said, “We have two J***’s in our group.” She said, “Oh, yes.” She had all five of our driver’s licenses in front of her as well as the birthdate of our minor son. Finally, she gave us more boarding passes and tickets and said she couldn’t assign seats on the Alaska flights, but to go to gate A52 desk 1 hour before boarding and they would assign seats for this flight and the one from Seattle to LA. (I overheard her telling the lady with her at the desk that she had agreed to stay overtime until 7:00 p.m., but that she couldn’t stay any later than that… which you’ll see why I included later.)

    Mother of family waited at gate A52 next to the desk while the rest of our family went to eat. The family was back before anyone had arrived at the Alaska desk, so father of family went to stand in line for when they opened so that he could get our boarding passes. There was only one person in line ahead of him. The desk opened at ~6:55 p.m. and I saw father of family talking to the Alaska Airlines desk person and she had the phone to her ear. It was taking a while and our son (with same name as father) went to ask father of family what was taking so long. Son came back and said they couldn’t issue all of the boarding passes because the young lady at American had entered two for R*** and only one for J***. It was now after 7:00 p.m. and I knew that young lady had left. The lady at the Alaska desk was on the phone trying to get someone from American Airlines to come straighten this out and they told her they were too busy and she could come to one of their desks. She, of course, couldn’t do that because people were backing up in the line to get boarding passes.

    Meanwhile, boarding was starting on Alaska flight 675. Father of family came over and said there was another problem. The only seats they had were in the emergency exit aisles and our minor son couldn’t sit there plus someone needed to be with him. We would need to pay $16. extra per seat for four seats in the emergency aisle to Alaska Airlines as well as the $75 fee to American Airlines for our three bags. I told father of family I didn’t think we should be paying anything extra…he said he just wanted to get on a plane, so he paid.

    It was time for everyone to get on the plane for the final boarding and still the 2 R***s and one J*** had not been straightened out. The lady at the Alaska desk had been on hold with American the whole time trying to straighten out this mess and told us to have the four with passes to go ahead and board the plane. Mother of family went to the desk and said we weren’t getting on if we didn’t know the others were coming. Alaska Airlines decided to let all of us board together, but they didn’t give us passes for Seattle to LAX. Mother of family asked about these passes and agent said she couldn’t issue them because of the name problem but she would make sure they were there waiting for us in Seattle. I was almost in tears and said, “How can I be sure of that? Nobody has done what they said.” Then I just lost it and screamed “We booked this 7 months ago and paid $5,000. to be treated like crap all day long. Now we have to pay extra money for seats and sleep on the floor at the airport. We’ve had nothing but trouble. This is supposed to be our family Christmas gift that we’ve dreamed of for 20 years.”

    The lady at Alaska Airlines was the first nice person and she looked me in the eye and said, “I understand. I haven’t dealt with this a fraction of the time you have and I’m already frustrated with American. I promise you I will have this straightened out before I leave at 12:30 a.m.” She is the only person I believe would have actually done it.

    We got on the plane and it didn’t move. After about 10 minutes the pilot came on and said the flight was being delayed for 3 hours because Seattle was socked in, but the weather was quickly deteriorating there so it would probably be best to make other arrangements as it was likely the flight would be canceled. (Though extraordinarily disappointed, we all deeply appreciated his honesty. If American had been honest we could have made it to Hawaii that day as planned for 7 months.)

    Father of family got back in line at gate A52 while the rest of family sat down to wait. The line was long and after a while mother went to ask father to make sure they refunded us the extra money we paid for the aisle seats (which they did within 2 days, however American still has not refunded our money.) Finally, father of family came back after his turn at the desk and said they had checked every airline and every flight for the next three days and they can’t get the six of us out. Father of family called American Airlines customer service to advise them that we could not get on another flight and requested that our money be refunded. The person on the phone said they would start the process. (They later refused to give us confirmation that the process had been started, unlike Alaska Air which sent us the refund confirmation by email before we even left the airport.)

    Before we left, we asked to speak to a supervisor with American Airlines to file a complaint about the incompetence and rudeness with which were treated. We were directed to speak with SR, passenger service supervisor, who happened to be standing by gate A50. We let him know all that had happened that day. He told us we could either reschedule the flight or receive credit toward another flight with American. (Did he really think we would want to be treated like this again??!!) We explained there was no way to get a family of six out together for days – several people from two airlines now had confirmed this and meanwhile we had paid nearly $3,000. for a condo in Hawaii that we couldn’t use and that wouldn’t allow refunds if less than 60 days notice. He told us those were our only options. He did not take down any information from us, so we know he had no intentions of filing our complaint.

    We left the airport at 11:00 p.m., rode the shuttle to our car, paid $17.95 for the privilege of sitting in DIA terminal A for over 13 hours and came home.

  11. The worst customer experience from start to finish! Flights are always late, bags do not make the plane, the customer service agents are not helpful and you have to call multiple times to get one thing accomplished. I would choose a carrier that cares about customer service over American any day!

  12. I have been given nothing but grief!! I could not make a flight due to the death of my

    Mother-in-law, all I have asked for is a credit on a future flight or a voucher, have been trying to resolve this matter since early Jan.

    Worst Airline!


  13. I contacted American Airlines for a $100 voucher that was due me. I wanted to apply it to my upcoming flight to CA. After going online and filling out all the proper forms, I never heard a single word from them. I will go further with this as it was so unprofessional and most importantly couldn’t fulfill my reservations. I deserved this refund. I hope one of the CEO’s reads this and does something about it.

  14. I tried for 2 days on hold for 4 hours one day and 5 the next and never did get through. I would say that their help line is just there to keep you from bothering their agents with questions.


  15. I saved and saved for two of my friends to come to America (Salina, KS). I LOST ALL $12,000.00 because of FRAUD in Ghana, So. Africa. THIS country is a HELL HOLE OF society. WHY Americans continue to travel there – is completely beyond me. Living on Social Insecurity and having medical problems – I now see I will never see my friends. HOW SAD. This was due to a corrupt Travel Agent in Accra. NAME: Chris Royal Travel and Tours Agency, Accra, Africa. NO concern for elders or anyone. WELL, ALL YOU will face a JUDGE in Eternity and he will judge for all time and eternity. THAT will not be fun. So far – no one has returned my calls. AND SO FAR – I’ve been NICE about everything. Guess I will not travel with American Airlines.

  16. AWFUL experience…36 hrs to get home from Denver…it seems no one employed by AA can speak english …its America and America airline…hire English speaking people…lost our bags on a flight that never left the ground. had to board and deboard twice…everything was rush just to be let down again….the flight was delayed over nite and left late the next morning….missed connection flight and no body cared or helped.. spent two days in an airport w a child and got no consoling by anyone in ur company….horrible experience…hope I never have to fly American airline again…paid for first class and didn’t get an im sorry sir for ur delay….missed two days of work and seeing pts….lost that report and income…so not only did AMERICAN AIRLINE affect me and my family it affected numerous others…sure would like some comfort for the stress and mental anguish u put us through..

  17. Been trying since 12-16-13 to reach AA customer service. Today 2 hours and 48 minutes on hold. All I want to do is retrieve a frequent flier password and get credit for some mile. Tried to do this online and received a message to call customer service. Totally disgusted with this airline. There is no customer service.

  18. My husband and I went to rome via AA. We did not get our luggage for 4 days!! This was our dream vacation but it was a nightmare. We saved and saved to go. Because we did not get our luggage until four days after we got there: we had to buy some clothes with money that was to be used to see Roma; our cpap parts were in our luggage and my husband got very little sleep; he is diabetic and his walking shoes were in the luggage so he got blisters on his feet which got infected (still not healed); he was so stressed and this added to his stroke he had while in Roma; my meds were in the luggage and it is not suppose to be stopped cold-turkey! I emailed your consumer service and no response. Do you care about the people who fly with you? We spent a lot of money and it was horrible without our luggage. The worry of needing the things in the luggage, my husbands health, and having none of my meds, was horrible and scary. Everything would have been wonderful if we had only had our luggage! We had a connecting flight in Madrid and I made a point to ask the stewardess if we needed to pick up our luggage and get it on the other plane, she said “Oh no, we will do it,” I ask the lady with costumer relations again and she said it was taken care of. Do you care. I was told AA would help if our luggage was lost. We have not received any help from AA.

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