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How to Contact Hewlett-Packard Customer Service

Phone Number: -1-800-474-6836

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  1. I have had my no pavilion for 4 weeks this morning my screen displayed urgent bios update required so I accepted. Non of my passwords work now and I have spent5.5hours trying to speak to some one on chat who did not answer my question but just disconnected me.Great service i don’t thinkers anyone know what I can do. I have changed passwords 6times now but when I try to login it will only allow 5 characters

  2. We had an InstantInk subscription about which only knew my husband had arranged for ink to be shipped when the Envy 6255 reported the level to be low. We had also picked up some cartridges locally and when I installed them it cancelled the subscription. Trying to restore the contract, HP’s representative “Sumit” asked to access my computer to create the link. He quickly informed me that our internet connection was not secure and tried to sell me an HP security system. I told him I would get back to him and soon found the printer, which had been turned off, was back on! This happened several times until I unplugged the printer. When I went back online to try to see what Sumit had showed me, I got the same security alert he had probably created because the next day there was no such message. I reported the entire situation to the Federal Trade Commission and am about to report it to the Better Business Bureau. I concur with the above reports. HP customer service is worse than poor.

  3. Bought a wireless printer weeks ago and still haven’t been able to print one thing. Support sucks, and you can’t understand those who answer the phone..

  4. I purchased a HP convertible lap top in September 2018 it crashed Jan2018. They stated it was water damaged. I had never brought water near it. My Dr. stated they purchase HP and the computer did not last. We are now Dell and Apple users . I am still paying the bill and they were super mean about the whole situation.

  5. Who would I contact for a duplicate copy of my 2017 dividend checks? (Needed for filing taxes!!)

  6. The product,(printer),is of very poor quality as is HP’s customer service.Never again will I purchase an HP product.

  7. our daughter saved her money for years and bought an Envy a couple years ago…she has had problems since she bought it with it freezing on her. we called the customer service and spent hours on the phone (more than once) doing everything they said and it never got any better. also tried other services, but nothing ever improved. she took her laptop to college with her this year and we just had to go out and buy a new laptop to take to her as hers was now literally falling apart and had basically become unusable. this whole situation has been ridiculous and she deserves her money back or a replacement because of everything she has been through with her many frustrations with her laptop. definitely a horrible experience and we will never purchase HP again!!!

  8. On February 26, 2014, I purchased HP Pavillion 20, all in one tabletop computer, model # 206310, from what I thought was a reputable company, Hewlett-Packard, On August 19. 2014, computer read” No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed”., I called HP , After trying to understand the limited English several persons spoke, I was charged $ 53.04 for the part replacement and the service man they sent out. On August 23, 2014. same computer, would not come on, After several attempts, screen again read, : no boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed”, this time I called back same guy you sent before, this time , he charged me $ 75.00. to fix.. On august 27,2014, more problems, called help desk, because windows update failed., Waited 45 minutes for a guy to walk me through this problem, very difficult understand his limited English. September 4, 2014, again screen reads” need drive replacement. After finally talking to a case manager, I sent back fro relacement, but no, they put a 2nd hard drive in, .I requested a new computer. I feel my warranty is us in a few months, so they just band-aid me to get rid of me, Never again will I buy or tell anyone to buy from Hewlett Packard. World’s worse company to buy from.

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