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  1. Big mess….really a terrible company. I waited for over 30 minutes 4times to speak to the rep about the same problem. NO air…husband had surgery, the dog had surgery….it is 100 degrees and they tell me a part had to be ordered. It took three days just to find this out. One rep told me no one was in this area who could work on this unit. I find out when their repairman showed up that he lives in this same town. He gave me his phone number, but he never answers it….no answering machine either. I finally called them back (another 30 minutes of waiting) and a rep told me it would be next Tuesday before they would be here to even put the part in which would tell them what was wrong with the unit. Incredible. They would not ship the part overnight so I offered to do this. Rep told me it did not matter because the repair fellow would not be here anyway until next Tuesday The day I called was 7 days before Tuesday.

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