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Uber Customer Service Contact Information for support and help. Customer Service Numbers provides the information so you can contact Uber and also review your experience with Uber. 

Uber is the innovative app that connects riders with drivers. Uber is the largest worldwide ride share company in the world. Driver’s for Uber have their own car and insurance and they are rated by their customers on the Uber App. Riders can access Uber through their smart devices and request rides almost anywhere in the USA or worldwide.  Their competitor in the ride share space is LYFT

Uber is now offering Uber Eats for food and restaurant delivery to your door. Uber also, offers freight services, Jump e-bike rentals, and Uber Health for rides to your medical office or hospital. 

Uber is a very progressive company and they have many social media accounts. Some of the most popular are listed below.

Uber on Twitter

Uber on Facebook

Uber on Instagram

Uber offers gift cards through most major general retailers like Walgreens, CVS and more. To reach Uber Gift Card Customer Service call 1-888-818-2915


How can I contact customer support at Uber?

The best way is to use their help section online. Available here.

Does Uber offer help on Twitter?

Yes they have a Twitter page for customer support.

What is Uber’s Address?

Uber Technologies Inc.
1455 Market Street, Suite 400
4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

What is Uber’s corporate phone number


I want to drive for Uber how do I apply?

Go to their website and enter your information. Then provide them with your documents and download the driver’s app. Uber offers support in person for many cities. So, once you are approved they will help you get started.

How does Uber work?

A rider opens up the Uber app their smart device and requests a ride. Then the rider is matched with an Uber Driver. The driver picks up the rider and takes them to the desired location. After the ride, the rider will leave a review for the driver.

Can I rate Uber Customer service?

Yes you can rate Uber’s customer service on Customer Service Numbers website. If you want to review your driver just use the Uber app.

Who is the CEO of Uber?

Dara Khosrowshahi is the CEO of Uber Technologies

Is Uber profitable?

As of 2018, no they are not. However, they generate billions in revenue and will likely turn a profit in the next few years.

Is Uber a public company?

No, they are not as of 2018. However, they plan to go public in 2019.

I have an Uber gift card, do they offer a phone number?

Yes Uber Gift Cards do offer phone support, the phone number is: 

Uber Customer Service
Uber Customer Service

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374 Replies to “Uber Customer Service”

  1. I am unable to log into my Uber account or reset my password. I would like to change my email address, but I cannot do that as well. The phone number I think this phone number may be registered to an email I no longer use.

  2. I’ve been surfing the web to find a contact number for uber in RSA but to no avail. I logged an issue on “helpdesk£ and still waiting.

  3. uBER steals from students!! Uber ripped off a few college student girls who were quoted $57-76. The fare came to $60.75, but he charged her $240!!!! My daughter called hysterically crying because uber charged her $240 for a $60 car ride. How can they charge ridiculous amount and get away with it?

    I demand a call back.

  4. Hello

    I noticed I am being double charged for every uber ride I sign up for. How can I get this rectified and also get my money back? Thank you

  5. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL! I was overcharged and keep getting emails from their “customer service” department talking about how they are sorry about the 20% tip and I can adjust as needed if I feel my service was not up to par. My issue is regarding the fare that should have been $58 not $98. I will NOT BE USING THEM AGAIN. It is really sad that a US company treats its customers this way and yet still is a multi-million dollar company. I hope the hype of UBER ends soon!

  6. I tried to contact you via Support@uber.com & was told this address is not valid ?

    You billed my credit card $121.09 on 5/25/16 & I never used your service ? I contacted Discover & they are cancelling my credit card # & sending me a new card. How can you charge my credit card when I have the card, never used your service & never gave anyone my card Number ?

  7. I received two tickets for metro express lane citation (Fas Trak)need some information do I pay or Über

    California vehicle code section 23302(b)

    Location Nb3 to Nb3

    WT3 to WT4

  8. I need a ride to take me back and forth to work.I’M going to start working with Beher in Dayton Ohio.I need someone that I can relay on .I want more information about this company and I need to know how much you will change me for each ride coming and going how do have the payment plans set up.

  9. I had taken a ride on Sunday 13 Dec 2015 from N.M Joshi Marg, Delisle road to D.Y Patil stadium. However, I was over charged (Above 1000 which is actually not) because the ride showed till Mulund when we got the bill details via email.

    let me know the customer care number so that I can directly talk to someone.

  10. I recently signed up for UBER and there was TWO charges March 27th for $1.00 and March 27th for $1.40. What are these charges?

  11. I recently set up an Uber account. I live in Houston, Texas and need to schedule a ride to George Bush Airport on Thursday, July 7th at 4:30 a.m. Is there any way to schedule it ahead of time? My flight leaves at 7:20 am for Boston and I am worried if I go online that morning a driver wont be available to get to me in time.

  12. Über sucks. I have tried to get in touch with uber with no luck. I requested a driver. He called me back stating he could not pick me up. I requested another driver. He got lost in Houston a 6.00 ride turned into a 40.00.

    Then the first driver charged me 10.00 cancelation fee when he cancelled on me!! I need a response from über NO EMAIL BUT A PHONE CALL!!!

  13. Question???? Do you have a record that I have registered with Uber? My address is @gmail.com.

    My phone is an android. I tried to sign-up, when the form was completed and submitted it showed the email address was previously used. I tried a different password…. still no luck…. Please advise…..Mucho thanks, Mia

  14. Please can you let me know when is your next meeting at the Hilton hotel in Miami Florida I want to be come a taxi driver I was there yesterday but no one was there I was told your schedule was change from 6:30pm to 8am please send me your schedule thank you &God Blessed

  15. Can I have a list of the cars not suitable for Uber outside of being 2 door? Are there any specific makes and models you cannot use?

  16. I am uber NJ driver . My iPhone is completely dead. it is not charging either or home or car charger. What should I do. Please advised.

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