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Uber Customer Service Contact Information for support and help. Customer Service Numbers provides the information so you can contact Uber and also review your experience with Uber. 

Uber is the innovative app that connects riders with drivers. Uber is the largest worldwide ride share company in the world. Driver’s for Uber have their own car and insurance and they are rated by their customers on the Uber App. Riders can access Uber through their smart devices and request rides almost anywhere in the USA or worldwide.  Their competitor in the ride share space is LYFT

Uber is now offering Uber Eats for food and restaurant delivery to your door. Uber also, offers freight services, Jump e-bike rentals, and Uber Health for rides to your medical office or hospital. 

Uber is a very progressive company and they have many social media accounts. Some of the most popular are listed below.

Uber on Twitter

Uber on Facebook

Uber on Instagram

Uber offers gift cards through most major general retailers like Walgreens, CVS and more. To reach Uber Gift Card Customer Service call 1-888-818-2915


How can I contact customer support at Uber?

The best way is to use their help section online. Available here.

Does Uber offer help on Twitter?

Yes they have a Twitter page for customer support.

What is Uber’s Address?

Uber Technologies Inc.
1455 Market Street, Suite 400
4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

What is Uber’s corporate phone number


I want to drive for Uber how do I apply?

Go to their website and enter your information. Then provide them with your documents and download the driver’s app. Uber offers support in person for many cities. So, once you are approved they will help you get started.

How does Uber work?

A rider opens up the Uber app their smart device and requests a ride. Then the rider is matched with an Uber Driver. The driver picks up the rider and takes them to the desired location. After the ride, the rider will leave a review for the driver.

Can I rate Uber Customer service?

Yes you can rate Uber’s customer service on Customer Service Numbers website. If you want to review your driver just use the Uber app.

Who is the CEO of Uber?

Dara Khosrowshahi is the CEO of Uber Technologies

Is Uber profitable?

As of 2018, no they are not. However, they generate billions in revenue and will likely turn a profit in the next few years.

Is Uber a public company?

No, they are not as of 2018. However, they plan to go public in 2019.

I have an Uber gift card, do they offer a phone number?

Yes Uber Gift Cards do offer phone support, the phone number is: 

Uber Customer Service
Uber Customer Service

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  1. I got uber on Jan 18, 2018 from 8427 Barnsley Ave to St Jerome School at Thornburn Street. This is only a mile but I was charged $11.00. This is redicilous. If I called a cab it wont cost this much. This short trip has a lot of charges attached to it. Please do something about it.

  2. Want to know charges for one person from Edens Plaza, Wilmette , Ill. to the American Airlines terminal at Chicago, O’Hare airport.

    Using your charts, it seems more costly than a cab.

    Additionally, I have coupons for first time rider but all have expired, Any current ones?

  3. I would be great to talk to an actual person. Doesn’t matter. All I want is to have you stop sending me messages to my email or by text. I went on about a month ago to get an Uber ride. Somehow I ended up in a section to sign up to BE an Uber driver. Since then you have been sending me messages. I would like it to stop.

  4. Customer service is non existent. How can a company this big not have a customer service phone number ?? Email person does not understand what I am upset about.

  5. I want to become an uber driver. aand needig to know more about getting a car and insurance as well. Any information you can get me is greatly appreciated.

  6. I have been using Uber using credit card. On last occasion , for some reason i have not been able to debit against the same credit card . Overtime it says error in processing . I need clear walk through to enable . can Uber rep. telephone and help me in Bangalore , India

  7. My account has the wrong phone number and I can’t change it. I have followed the directions and I get the same canned message back saying your email doesn’t match the account. I have tried tech support and can’t get a person just that same canned message. I tried phone numbers but Uber only takes problems via the computer so I am stuck. Please contact me so we can fix this simple problem

  8. I have had a similar experience. I asked for Uber X from the Nashville Airport and was given an estimate of $20. I got an Uber SUV and charged $72. Efforts to find a way to contact Uber about this have been futile-no customer service phone #, no chat line and their email is set up to preclude a complaint about being over charged. The worst customer service I have ever encountered. I have been a frequent user of Uber. No more!

  9. I was ask to go to 178 n broadway in ny. By d time i notice i wasin downtown. No where near i wanted to be. N i was charge basically d whole ride. I normaly take uber but this is insace. I would like to b reinburse. This is just un aceptable

  10. why the dikens do you make yourselves so unfriendly? No one has ever answered the hone or my emails.

    I need to know how to order a car and the cost. Every single ad on the internet that I saw was just ads for other outsourcing firms.

    please have the courtesy to call me. I need to find a way to get to Stanford

  11. What’s the point in having a phone number if you can’t speak to anyone?? I was double billed ! I pray my matter will be resolved.

  12. In terms of customer service, Uber obviously does not want ANY contact with its customers. It only wants customers to book its service online and pay. I signed up for Uber planning to use the service frequently. That won’t be happening because I’m having trouble downloading the Uber app and can’t contact anyone to help me.

  13. I signed up with Uber. Paid 145.00 for my car inspected at a reputable car dealership. Uber is refusing to accept the dostuffent downloaded directly from their site, saying it is the wrong g dostuffent. It’s correct. I’ve emailed Uber three times with “their” error to no end. The company dI’d not provide any specifics as to what is wrong with their dostuffents on their site. They seem to not care they just cost me 145.00.This is more than lousy practice. This type of Co with its no contact phone number should be checked into.

  14. sir i am not happy to u my complent coustumer caire no is not wailed please conect to the right call center no and service no not sapot ur all contect no uber all web side no chagne and up date new all web and apps

  15. This is insane, how is this company, Uber in relation to being like a taxi cab. I’m just trying to find out how to set up a pick up ride from Yale new haven hospital to my front door also in new haven. I have a slight walking disability and I need information before I go to visit an ill friend.cant even find a phone number to call first to get info on fees, the wait time to be picked up, the way the fees are figures out. I’m not setting myself up to be stuck in the inner city hospital so please give me some info

    .my email address is auntie_angela@yahoo. Please reply will need return ride later between 8-9 pm it is now 3:45 pm August 25, 2016

    Thank you, Angela Petrillo,

  16. All this comments about Uber drivers are made by cab drivers .I found it so funny because is not true. Uber drivers are train professional. can drivers have no manners.

  17. I have tried to set up an uber account 2 times and cant get it to work. I tried calling the customer service number and no one answers. the service is awful

  18. I planned to sign up with Uber as a new customer, but after reading all of the negative comments with no resolutions, I am hesitant to sign up and give Uber my credit card. It appears that you do not have the best customer service

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