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  1. This is the WORSE ever… NO CONTACT SUPPORT WHATSOEVER I have been attempting to cancel this for over a year now and nothing.. so now going to have my bank investigate since this low life company refuses to provide phone numbers.. etc… WORST EVER.. if there was a lower rating I would give it.

  2. My computer had to be programed and cleaned out and when I reinstalled it they denyed my account stating I overused for 3 computers and I only have two that I have vuze plus and paid for a year and only used for 6 mo.they never respond back.who ever consider on use of this I beg you not to until I see my program is back open I demand my money back!!!Hell been with vuze 2 1/2 yrs.been 1 mo tring to contact but no number no nothing

  3. Yes I totally agree and sympathize with everyone on this site. I just made a purchase on 5/6/15 for the program vuze plus and have attempted on numerous occasions to get this product to work, however it never worked! I attempted to contact this illegitimate company, however they have no contact number listed on their website so as a result what I have done I went to the Better Business Bureau’s website and found their full address and phone number, however the phone number is a non working number so I decided to file a complaint against this fraudulent company so that I can get my money fully refunded as vuze stated they would do if I was dissatisfied with the product! If anyone is interested in filing a complaint against this company just go to this site: ok good luck to everyone on this matter!!

  4. I want my money back. I got charged twice and I am so frustrated trying to contact you. I’m frustrated and very angry. I want my credit card credited a refund for the two charges. I tried to use the code and it was not accepted. I may sound angry because I am.

  5. I downloaded vuze plus got an activation code which did not work and now I am out the money and no vuze plus and I’m not sure I want it anymore. I’m sick of going on sights and tech support and getting no where.

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