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The free Conduit Platform enables web publishers of all sizes to easily create apps using their own brand and content.

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  1. i agree it has ruined a brand new 800.00 computer.i did not download.if everyone would call the bbb we can shut them down and get our computers fixed or replaced.i am craped off that i have paid for several malware removers and it still wont go,re company sucks i use my chrome search page and conduit is downloading crap on my earthnet page.i am to the point if i have to pay an attorny 1000.00,s to prove my point i have invaded peoples rights to make there own choice.

  2. What is your phone number. You guys suck. You hijacked my browser. I want it back now. Your install instructions don’t work and you know it. I did not request this action from you. I will go to the Attorney General to report your bad and evasive behavior.

    I want this slow crappy stuff removed now!!!!

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