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  1. I never say much to anybody if something stinks or is not right unless it is real important. I am writing you this note to let you know that I feel your game cameras are way over rated , my son in law, and my self purchased 4 of the model 1187 a year or two back all of them turned out to be useless. I know we could have baught the cheapest thing around , and got better service than we got from these not even 1 good hunting season . I am not calling or writing that I want money ,or anything as far as that goes just to let you know how disappointed I am in your product I promise I will not buy any more nor recommend these to a soul.

  2. I need a bracket for a Cuddeback and cannot find one. I called the support line and could not understand the first guy I talked to. I asked if there was someone who spoke better English. He said to call back, the second person said it is not a support question. I just bought a new Cuddeback yesterday. I’m going to return it.

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