GMC Customer Service


How To Contact GMC Customer Service

GMC Customer Service

GMC is GM’s truck and SUV division. GMC makes commercial trucks and professional-grade trucks and SUVs for the consumer market.


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  1. Thank you GMC for our 1983 diesel pickup truck. My husband bought her used I believe in 1985 and she was a faithful, dependable truck while farming in Fresno County for many years. We call her “Ole Whitey” and many of our friends, neighbors and family have used her over the years. She sits mostly idle now with approx. 500,000 miles but still runs and her last trip was to the furniture store to pick up a new dresser just last week. All these years with the same engine and very little maintenance. We keep her insured and licensed for those occasions but have finally decided to let her go to the junk pile. It will be a sad day indeed!

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