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  1. Oddly just in case you have not noticed, this is happening not just in car dealerships accross the country, but in most BIG-BOX stores and down to the Mom and Pop establishments as well. It is really hard to usderstand the general complacency all around every one. Mosy business’ are self centered and of course all about the dollar because of the economy these days. ( farnkly there is no relief on the horizon either) This even follows through the people and their driving as well. Same senario either lost in their tiny worlds, not paying attention or texting / phoning. I am a viet nam vet medicled out and have to use a power chair. I have been hit twice in recient times because of these very same shared here in. However their re exceptions, but generally speaking you are not the only one with these complacent probleums.

  2. I have been trying to correct a problem with a Ford survey that I attempted to fill out on Bailey Ford in the town of Malone NY. It was stated that I was very dissatisfied with the service I received, and this could not be correct, either I made a major mistake by checking the wrong sections of the survey or I didn’t have enough time to complete it, but the truth of the matter, I am super pleased with the service and am diss appointed with this survey, by the way, it was not mailed out to me , it was sent to me via E-mail, I seem to make mistakes when I try reading e-mail, I have old eyes and sometimes don’t read proper, But no matter I attempted to correct this survey and was under the impression that someone of authority would return my call or that I would get to re-do the survey(which I would go real slow and make sure I filled it out the way I thought I did) ,but I have been waiting and neither has happened! If any one from Ford would review my record they would see that I have been a loyal

    Ford owner throughout the years and no one could be this loyal to a dealership for all those years if they received bad service. I will not be happy until I can change this survey or re-do it ! WHY CAN’T SOMEONE OF AUTHORITY FROM FORDMOTOR CO. CALL ME ?????!!!!!

  3. Dear Customer service,

    I’m Ben Eddy, owner EcoSport with no order (which are listed in the windshield) 61 * want to ask for a detailed explanation of the fuel consumption which in my opinion is very wasteful to 1500cc engine size.

    As a matter of calculation: in a written odometer display 17.7 liters / 100km which means 1liter pertamax I use only to a distance of 5,65km VERY WASTES klo compared with innova who 2000cc but 1 liters to a 9km, I also tried to calculate it manually with the way my tank full contents pertamax and after our last unused contents back full and then our mileage for the amount of fuel used is kira2 turns consumption of 1 liter = 5,5km, hoping to get an explanation if there is an error setting or even no software problems corrupt remember everything in control with a computer,

    Please note also that we have submitted a complaint to the Ford BSD with p Mr Fajar and Mr. Peri, but it’s been 3 weeks to This e-mail made no answer or explanation that I received.

    I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with the service Ford BSD each asked technical questions can never give an explanation that “make sense”.

    I need help in resolving this issue to FORD INDONESIA.

    That is all and thank you


    Benedictus Eddy Boediarto

  4. I own a 2006 Ford Freestar with a new transmission and torque converter. This is the series 4F50N transmission introduced with the 1986 Taurus. It is known to be the most unreliable transmission manufactured in the USA, worse the the infamous Dodge series of transmissions. The Honda transmissions used after the 1990’s is nearly the same in terms of reliability.

    The original torque converter failed at about 97K, resulting in the new transmission and torque converter, Since that time three more torque converters have failed. The reason for the failures lies in internal part failure which restricts fluid flow to the torque converter. It is not the torque converter it self, it is a victim of cirstuffstances!

    The dealership was not interested in solving the internal problem, which in all probability is contamination introduced during the install of the new transmission. Contamination being metal particles and residual material produced by the “original” converter failure. I tried to contact Fords CEO, Mark Fields with the problem, but Ford executives are not allowed communication with consumers, due to work load? They have been reports of same on local Country Club golf courses! I got involved with Ford’s “Cusyomer Service Center” , which maybe in Detroit or Nepal? They are “empowered” to help the masses with their Ford problems. I explained the situation and what I needed to rectify the the situation. I received an E-Mail, stating there was no record of warrantied repairs to my Vin.#. After a heated session the rep called the dealership and verified the repairs. At this point after explaining the problem and having a second party verify the problem, nothing has happened.

    I researched warranty law and found that the Magnuson Moss Act applies in my case. This is a Federal Statute/law:(15 U.S.C.-2301) Wikipedia has a good explanation of the law. My case applies because of the chronic failures involved. It could help you. This law is probably the basis of consumer class acts filed over the years.

    Well, Ford customer service exists in name only and serves only the company in defeating the consumer. This unfortunately leaves only litigation as a solution to basic problems. I would encourage anyone to litigate against Ford. It appear that parts installed by a Ford dealership are warrantied by them as vendors and not the corporation. This should simplify litigation. The Magnuson Moss Act does not limit cost of claims, less than 50K are filed in state courts, above that federal courts are required, so use it to your advantage!

    After ny repair is made I am going into litigation prepared to win. My warranty expires on 12/12/15!!!!!

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