Golds Gym Customer Service


How To Contact Golds Gym Customer Service

125 E. John Carpenter Fwy, Ste. 1300
Irving, TX 75062
Main Office Phone Number: 1-214-574-4653
Fax Number: 1-214-296-5000


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  1. Golds gym could care less about it’s clients. I have emailed every address I could find for Golds gym & have not received one response. There is a piece of equipment at the Golds Gym in East town mall, Knoxville tn that was approved for transfer to the Golds Gym on Chapman Hyw in Knoxville TN months ago, but because the general manger at the East town location has refused to take the monies to rent a truck for the transfer out of his budget the equipment has not yet & probably will never be transferred. The people that would benefit from this particular piece of equipment have to suffer because of a stubborn general manager. If I pay for the truck rental could the equipment be moved then ???? It’s a poor excuse for a business !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am a member at largo GOLD’s and they have two water fountains, however, the water is extra hot. Please fix the situation.

  3. I love when Rafael at golds gym culver city trains me on weekends.

    He Gives me a much better price than golds gym culver city:-)

  4. Hi my name is Troy Budd I am an owner operator truck driver , And love to exercise , I’ve been driving for 15 yrs and gained a lot of weight the first 8 yrs and have slowly been working it off I weighed 260 was my max and I’m down to 160 wahoo !! It’s been a long road , I just wish there was gyms in truck stops , I’ve been doing a lot of research on this subject for a while now and think it could go national I have a lot of good ideas that would make it possible , I just don’t have the money or the means to do so , I know a big company who is willing to discuss a partnership across the U.S. Right now And I’m sure I could find more , I’m very passionate about putting gyms in truck stops , is there anything I can do to make that happen ? Troy

  5. Our local Gold’s gym in Gungahlin – Australia, will not give us our $100 deposit we paid for the security tags. They’re reasoning is because they are new owners!! Is there anything we can do, they refuse to pay it.

  6. I have been a member at the McAllen Texas location on Dove Street for several months. I specifically joined for the spinning classes. The classes are great, however, the spinning room is unbearably hot. There are days when the temperature in the room is above 90 degrees. I have complained to the instructor several times and they have all assured me that they too have complained to management numerous times. Beside being uncomfortable, this is a real safety issue. There are a lot of elderly people in these classes and when a person gets their core temperature up that high exercising and then the heat in the room is leading to a recipe for disaster. there are 2 fans in the room, however, if your not directly in front of them they are of no help at all. I would suggest to putting in 6 ceiling fans if a larger AC unit is not possible. I am in the process of starting a petition for all the members to sign and publish it in the local newspaper if something is not done soon.

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