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How To Contact LA Fitness Customer Service

LA Fitness Centers make working out enjoyable and fun. La Fitness is dedicated to making exercising in a club affordable. 1-800-600-2540


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  1. Thanks a lot LA for hiring a hormonal, pregnant (not sure how her man stays with her), bossy wanna-be, never minds her own business, and ALWAYS has something to say OM (cari) at your Tolleson club. I mean really, you guys have to the worse at picking employees. I suppose this is why the numbers are so low for the invoice; this is why instead of firing your corrupt sales guys you move them; this is why you hire kids and not grown adults; this is why your bonus structure is changing. Because people are catching on to your weak ass system and going elsewhere. It’s sad when a business almost has NO good reviews. Something is wrong. heck you guys. You treat people like crap. And it starts at the top of the pecking order.

  2. The LA Fitness center in Pleasant Hills, PA is being run by a totally incompetent woman. She just fired the best janitor that ever worked there and now the place will be as dirty as it was through this manger’s employment. This manager also stands around talking (for a long time) instead of working.

    She has a problem keeping employees as the turnover tis really exceptional. Please get someone to manage this site who knows how to manage.

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