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We are absolutely disgusted that you aren’t showing the final round of the LPGA live today. It’s not on until 9pm pacific time, after it’s all over. What a chauvinistic move! Do you really think everyone cares about the men’s tournament from Abu Dahbi? Give your head a shake! This isn’t 1950!

your coverage of the Zozo Tournament was pathetic. Rickie Fowler, a huge fan favorite, is flying up the leaderboard in the 2nd round. I stayed up into the morning to watch. For the first 2 hours you didn’t even mention all the birdies he was making. You didn’t show ANY shots. You covered 3 guys not even in the mix. It is hard to put Rickie on because of hid play lately, but there was no excuse to not show his birdies. You guys SUCK and so does your coverage. Your announcers are a bunch of morons. I would not blame Rickie if he goes to LIV, for at least they will shoe him some respect. You people are absolutely pathetic.

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