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1-877-266-6474 for CBS Sports Customer Service
1-877-342-4911 For Store

How To Contact CBS Sports Address

1401 W. Cypress Creek Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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  1. One commentator said Tigers result was the greatest comeback ever. He forgot Ben Hogan was run over by a bus , told he may never walk again, lost vision in one eye and walked for thirty six holes on saturday to win in his come back. Tiger can’t compare to Hogan. I thought a great comeback required a victory. Please cover the other players occasionally.

  2. is the audio on 2018 masters on saturday messed up? could not hear interviews and announcers some of time all day

  3. You should change your golf coverage to the “saga of tiger woods” ! Have stopped watching,so much minutiae is getting silly!All about $ and ratings.Shame.

  4. Has CBS investigated the claims made by Dr, Jaclyn Moskow a professional poker player affiliated with Poker NIght In America?

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