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2nd game of National League playoffs between Brewers and Dodgers was pre-empted today buFOX for anotherfootballmgame. That makes seven football games being broadcast at the same time on our cable system. The only channel with rights to this baseball game was on FOX and was shown in our local paper as being broadcast at 2pm today. However FOX in its infinite wisdom (stupidity?)thought the world needed one more football game when the ONLY baseball game being played today was the Brewers-Dodgers playoff game. Is it all about money?

Please listen to tapes of Angel games, these guy,s Victor & Gubber are the worst I and many others have heard, They make Rex Huddler seems like a deaf mute, Angel fans are far more in tune with the game than given credit by Victor & Gubber, That is why fans are wearing out the mute button, Gubber Tues, is a joke fans don,t care what ice cream players like. They are big on questioning players & Mrg, They have all the answers for someone who never had at bat in Majors how do say what Trout is doing wrong if he strikes out, all in all they are a bad example for your franchise. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ASK YOUR FANS HOW THEY FEEL

Hi, I was wondering if you could please hire ESPNers Chris Berman, Hannah Storm, Beth Mowins, Allison Williams, Kirk Herbstreit, Samantha Ponder, NBCers Bob Costas and Mike Tirico, CBS analyst Steve Tasker and Turner Sports ‘ Allie LaForce to join Fox Sports.

Hi, I was wondering if you could please hire ESPNers Chris Berman, Hannah Storm, Beth Mowins, Allison Williams, Kirk Herbstreit, Samantha Ponder, NBCers Bob Costas and Mike Tirico, CBSER Steve Tasker and Turner ‘s Allie LaForce to join the mothership.

Please, please, please fix your score card at the top of the screen for the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP Matches.

It is very difficult with the current design of your screen to figure out which team is wearing which color jerseys. It is showing flags, however, that is not helpful in most of the matches to figure out, for example in the current SRB vs SUI match, who is wearing Red and who is White. If it is intended to be in the background behind the team country initials it is very hard to decipher.

There are many Matches left to watch and this would be a very easy fix!!!!

Jorge Perez Navarro is awful. I have tried, but I cannot listen to him. If he only did that ridiculous “GOOAALLL!” yell with the goals, it would be bad enough, but he basically screams a similar-sounding call on any close play! Tell him he is announcing IN ENGLISH FOR NORTH AMERICA. Not Central America, not South America, not Mexico! I don’t care about him being of Spanish extraction, that’s fine, but he is not announcing in Spanish. He is announcing in ENGLISH for NORTH AMERICA! And I’ve read around, many people hate the way he calls these games. Next time, let ESPN win the rights to the World Cup, you obviously don’t care enough either to use decent announcers or to actually SEND THEM to Russia!

How do get a person named announced during a broadcast. A faithful follower of the cardinals. 97 years old

I’m watching the Tigers Royals game on Fox Sports 1 currently. Background noise sounds like a swarm of bees. Is there anything that can be done on your end mute this background noise?

Did you guys stop airing angels baseball? It’s been two days and I’m watching snowboarding what’s going on I’m getting ready to cancel my service

Need to know Fox tv channel to go OF chiefs baseball using Infiniti cable in independence mo.

Discussion of Baalke players on Halloween (watching Robinson beat on an 80 yarder) gives me chills on Halloween.Can we talk about something eles ?

I am so tired of joe buck he doesn’t like the Cubs or Chicago and it is mutual I don’t know any one who respects him. He does a below average

Thank heavens they don’t have him doing politics

I agree with you. It Is torcher to watch and listen to this broadcast!!! Put a sock in their mouths. Hey FOX get some new broadcasters, they are horrible! Watching the World Series with the sound off! Thanks for ruining it for me.

I pay Extra money to get NASCAR and I mean qualifying and all aspects. Iam tune in to watch as the schedule says and I get UFC weigh in. WTF if I pay extra for NASCAR I expect to get NASCAR. Last week I was not able to see any of the preshow because of baseball. Is NASCAR going to continue to take a back seat on Fox Sports 1. If so let me know so I can stop wasting my money !

audio feed on FS1 & FS2 for soccer matches is absolutely horrible. It sounds like one mic is being shared by the broadcasters and passed around. The noise of the fans overrides the audio feed. Take a lesson from NBCSN & get it right for a change.

Please send Kirk Gibson away for more comprehensive “blink” therapy. And while Mr. Gibson is gone, please, please, please bring back Rod Allen. Mr. Allen’s baseball experiences, descriptions and observations are so much more interesting and entertaining when announcing the Tigers’ games with Mario.

Very dissapointed with production and coverage of NHRA events. Terrible. Not doing the NHRA justice for sure.

Trust me you don’t want to hear the announcers, they are awful. I’ll take the crowd noise over that.

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