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How To Contact Honda Customer Service

Honda is a worldwide maker of cars, motorcycles, ATVs, water craft, generators, and now jets.


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  1. good morning my name is monica nivar – espino I bought a Honda fit just in September, everything is fine only thing is that I need to change my address the new one is:

  2. have a 2000 Honda Odyssey; both sides of were the 3rd seat bolts up to has rusted away and there is a big hole all the way to the ground this a very unsafe condition for possible carbon poison not to mention I can’t use the third seat. no one at Honda wants to do anything.

  3. Good afternoon, I bought 2013 Honda CRV at Plaza Honda in Brooklyn. The salesperson did his job but everthing went downhill after that. I took the vehicle for installation of of the anti theft device as well replacement of the windshield wipers twice without ianything been done . I left the vehicle at the Plaza Honda Serv Dept at 11am and went to pick it at 5:00pm. (had appoint for 11:00am) and nothing was done. They had forgotten about the vechile . I took it back last Friday and was told that someone would call me about 4:00pm. Several attempts made to contact the dept without success. I got here at 530pm and was informed that that everthing was done hours ago despite that I was told that someone who call as soon as the service was completed. The windshield wipers were not replaced (bought vehicle on 3/11/2016) the seats we not placed back in their respective positions and a folder with my son’s drumsticks as well as his music book were missing.

    This service I would expect if I was living in the Third World country where everything is monopolized. i am extremely dissappointed with the service the I received from Plaza Honda.

  4. I bought a Pre Owned Honda Civic Hybrid in 2012 from an Importer which had done just 14,000kms . How ever the IMA light appeared in the panel in about 32,000 kms. Sri Lanka’s authorized sales and service agent told me that it is a factory defect and the company will give me a battery if I write to them. But hey were not willing to give me the mail id. After some research in the net I wrote to The mail was not returned but no reply from them.

    Honda’s business ethics is bullshiy. Will not buy an Honda again.

  5. I bought a 2000 model rancher in a garage sale .

    It only has about 2000miles on it, now having shifting

    Problems it won’t shift out of 5 gear. I understand there

    Was a recall on this would like to know if you all could

    Help me out with this problem.

    If you can help me with this please call 304-481-8813

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