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How To Contact IHOP Customer Service

IHOP (International House of Pancakes) is America’s favorite breakfast restaurant. IHOP also serves a full lunch and dinner menu. 1-818-240-6055


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  1. My husband, nephew and I visited your I-Hop here in Fredericksburg, Va. and I know that they cheated me. I order a small omelette and he asked for only ham, tomatoes, and spinach. They charged me 6.99 for the omelette and .99 cent for each item. I don’t understand why I was charged for the omelette and addition .99 cent for the ingredients. How can you make an omelette without eggs. I want my money back. On top of everything else I order soup and he brought me a half a cup of soup and he said that was the right amount of soup and he did this because he didnot want to waste it. When I am paying I should not have to worry because he cannot carry soup without wasting it. I WILL BE LOOKING TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!!!!

  2. I had a very bad experience at IHOP in Paducah, Ky and when I paid I had to ask for my receipt. The cashier handed me a receipt. But guess what? It does not have a 15 digit number and the complaint form for the site will not accept the info without that number! I am sure that Darren is still there and he may be wondering why he did not get a tip last Saturday from this elderly lady with the grandchild. I spent many years in the hospitality industry and this young man gives it a bad name!

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