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Phone Number: 1-800-733-6697 association with this company:

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  1. It seems that Shirley may have been black? If that’s the case, she was discriminated against; plain and simple!


  2. My husband and I were planning to get up early and drive from N.C. to Va to Dennys Restaurant in Va. We traveled an hour away to do this to start our holiday celebration! The first stop was Dennys on Tintern St in Chesapeake, Va. We arrived at Dennys around 900 am. We were the only customers there. Our waitress greeted and took our order. Upon waiting for our food, two other couples came in. The waitress took their orders and shortly after served their food. The waitress even served us more coffee and water and still not acknowledging we didn’t have food. The other two couples ate and left!! Finally, we noticed, everyone served but us. We asked to speak to a manager. The manager looked into it and talked to the waitress and found out that she said, she forgot. We don’t know how can you forget when you are returning to ask us for refills on coffee.. you requested not to put personal things in our comments but if you would like to know I will address this gladly because it seems it was discrimination.

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