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Phone Number: 1-855-255-8800

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  1. I hate ixl its SB its for teachers who are to lazy to actually teach us and even if we do get it wrong it barely even shows us how to do it and every time I do it at home me and my mom get into a big fight and that’s why I don’t like doing it at home so I cant ever get it done at school because the teachers don’t explain anything and I cant take it home because ill get yelled at and another thing some kids don’t have the internet at home and they cant get a ride home If they stay in town

  2. dear ixl customer services department I have a complaining about .I haved already paid $79.00 to renew my

    annual membership on 07-14-2014 from my wells fargo bank visa credit card . and then to day 08-20-14- I haved

    received on my email that ixl charge for another $79.00 on – 08-19-14 would you please explaining to me why

    I got double charge like that? the confirmation #5797253 and the user name is johnny 1232

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