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How To Contact iWin Games Customer Service

iWin.com is one of the leading casual game portals, reaching millions of visitors every month from all over the world who love to play games together as part of the iWin community.

Other Phone Numbers: 1-404-260-1318 1-415-466-3501


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  1. I have the same problem. I cant get into any of my games at all. I am ready to cancel my subscription. I dont see why you cant ever talk to anyone. I am very disgruntled.

  2. I bought the game Fishdom 2 in the fall of 2014. The reason I bought the game is to avoid the popup ads every 30 seconds. Now I started getting the popup ads again. Your instructions say to uninstall and reinstall the game, but first you need to go to the demo freeplay before you uninstall. There is no way to go to the demo play once you’ve bought the game. I am getting very frustrated and I want my game back. You’re online support is no support at all. Please get the game back to working order or send me a free disk of the game without ads. thank-you , Sandy

  3. yes do a charge back on you card or have the bank issue a new card different numbers. and that well stop it!!!!!

    i have the same problem and cant get a answer.

  4. I bought Deal or no deal from Iwin games I have been playing it for a while and enjoying it.It has suddenly dissappeared from my icons and I dont know how to get it back.

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