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  1. I got a pair of slippers at that time too. The one foot has almost lost all of its stitching around the sole. That is not wear and tear, that is manufacturing. They should make it right.

  2. I’m wearing an army green one this very moment. Picked it up at my local goodwill about a week ago for $4. Zip in hood, zip pocket on the back side of my left forearm..could be the most comfortable jacket I’ve ever owned. Only difference is this one was made in Hong Kong and obviously has a different color code, but the materials are all the same!

    On the right breast there’s what I assume to be the outlined remains of a rectangular patch that the previous owner probably removed. I reckon it must have been a PGA or country club or some other sort of golfing related insignia now that I read your post 🙂

  3. My loyalty # is E0074120411. I received a brochure from IZOD on Sat. that identified a “BUY 1 GET 2 FREE” so I went to your tanger outlet store in Glendale with the intention of purchasing some items for me and my husband. The brochure stated very clearly the sale was from NOW THROUGH SEPTEMBER 1 in red non the less. I drove all the way over there and your sales people were totally oblivious to this sale and even though I showed them the brochure they made it very clear in their refusal to help me that there was nothing they could do. I would appreciate a response to this frustrating event, not to mention the time lost and gas expended to get there.


  4. I was in Ct. On vacation and bought 2 izod shirts x-large when I got back home inAm.Samoa and went to wear the shirts I found they were not x-large they were very small how do I return them for a bigger size?

  5. I bought a few IZOD bras, they do not hold up well, but since I am a 40DD I figured I might just need more support. The last one I wore ONE TIME and while out to dinner, I got poked in my chin by the wire …come on now! Ok no more IZOD bras. Wow they have these super comfortable looking underwear, I buy a three pack. THEY FELL APART IN THE WASH and the threads were wrapped around my other clothing. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE ANY IZOD PRODUCT. They used to have quality clothing but now you could probably find a better product in the dollar store.

    I am very disappointed. IZOD makes their clothes look so nice but made to fall apart, and they do not stand bu their product. Good luck getting your $$$ back.

  6. I bought 2pair of izod blue dress slacks at 70 bucks a pair and the belt loops are coming apart and they snag on front of pants and look horrible after only 3 wearings. I could of gotten way cheaper pants that would of held up better. I can’t understand why they cost this much if they are going to fall apart I deserve my monies back or replacement clothing. Not at all the line of clothing I thought they were

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