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Customer Service Contact Information For ABC Mouse 1-866-986-8877

By Eric Strand

Eric strand started customer service numbers in 2005.

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Easy cancelation is not true. I want to cancel my membership immediately. It is ridiculous that I cannot get a real human being on the phone to do this! If my membership is not canceled immediately I will be pursuing fraud charges against your company.

I want to cancel my subscription to abc, my grandson is living in New Mexico. Please cancel,,thank you

We have just started and we are also stuck on the Number Line 1-5, it is just stuck. Nothing happens and I am very discouraged. Any help out there?

My daughter ordered this for me to give to my grandson last year for his birthday. It was automatically renewed last week without my permission and have I have been unable to speak to anyone directly to cancel and obtain a refund. Seniors who are living on a fixed income do not like to be surprised with charges like this. An email notifying me ahead of time would have given me some notice and also an opportunity to cancel.

Need to cancel my membership, my son knows the basic and is in kiderdgation. thanks for your help

I have not used ABC mouse for sometime now, why are you still billing me ? I need you to cancel my membership which should have already been stopped.7/16/2016 Chris

I would like to cancel my free trial membership with

Thank you in advance.

Sharon Doyle

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