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How To Contact J.C. Whitney & Co. Customer Service

Today, more than 90 years since Israel Warshawsky began recycling used auto parts, the Warshawsky 1-800-603-4383


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  1. The letter to JC Whitney customer service:

    I can take steps to protect myself also – from other people’s stupid decisions. Trying to order this product today took 3 tries because of your people, who were ignorant on how to look up, and verify the application for what I was trying to purchase, could not tell what they were looking at. After 3 times, utilizing online chat, and telephone, taking over a hour in all, I finally was able to place the order for the pieces left out of my order from earlier this week. When I ordered the first kit, no one had the slightest inclination that what I ordered was only half of the system.

    Since I will be traveling and desperately need this order to finish the installation, and you cannot decide when you will release the shipment, I can simply get the part from Summit Racing – who WILL ship it to my North Carolina shop, without making me wait two days to decide if I am legitimate or not. In the future they will get all of our business, instead of most of it.

    I try to never deal with companies who outsource call centers to foreign countries, as it is always a problem sooner or later – and I know that the 175 guys in our collector car clubs fell even stronger about this than I do. After being a JC Whitney customer for 44 years, I’m done. Please take me off of you mailing list. If you move back from the Philippines, maybe we will consider becoming a customer again – then again, bad service comes from the top down.

    This would have never happened when the old man was alive – Mr. Warshawsky was too good of a businessman to jerk a long time customer around, just to save money – and yes, I met him back in the 1960’s at Wally Rank’s car show, and again later, when the company was still down off of Milwaukee Avenue? in Chicago.

  2. had a problem with my tonneau cover (my mistake) MAX TOOK CARE OF IT PROMPTLY WITH NO DELAYS THANKS MAX EXT 1180.

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