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  • The broil element of my Jenn=air kitchen range/grill wouldn’t work. I had it replaced but the self cleaning oven won’t work??????

  • Jenn-Air Model #JFC2290VEM7 — I am having a problem with food freezing in the fresh air compartment, much like the comment of Keith above. The refrigerator is just over a year old. The problem first appeared early in the life of the appliance but seemed to affect only food on the top shelf. Three weeks out of warranty, it began to affect the entire compartment. The seller, Arizona Wholesale, had provided the product to Shea, the developers of this high end Trilogy community and we chose that model, along with other high end Kitchen-Aide (all Whirlpool products). AZ Wholesale would not offer to do anything about the problem. We bought an extended warranty and a service technician appeared and said he had re-calibrated the system. However the end result was no better, if not worse. A second call resulted in the tech refusing to come out and suggesting that we ask the schedulers to send another firm for a second opinion. The Jenn-Air extended warranty folks said they would consult a supervisor about making us an offer. Two weeks later we have heard nothing.

    I do not believe we should have any co-pay on the replacement of this obviously defective appliance. I am sure this is an anomaly. Whirlpool, Jenn-Air and Kitchen-Aide have always had fine reputations. I truly expect them to make this right.

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