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How To Contact Lexmark Customer Service

Lexmark provides businesses of all sizes with a broad range of printing and imaging products, software, solutions and services that help customers to print less and save more.

Lexmark USA Address

740 W. New Circle Road

Lexington, Kentucky 40550

Phone Number: 1-859-232-2000

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address: info@lexmark.com

Dealer Warranty Claims: 1-800-253-9627


7 Responses

  1. You people are the hardest people to get a hold of or to get any information from. I am very disappointed in the customer service. You get no star from me. Hopefully someone will contact me!!! I would like to speak to a real person.

  2. I own a Lexmark laser printer E260A11A. The prce of the toner is outrageous. It wad $124.00 at Office Depot yesterday. The company wants you to go green and send in the empty cartridges. They then resell them without giving you a discount. What a rip off!

  3. My Lexmark Cartridge only printed 10 pages and then ran out of ink. This was the third “short lived” cartridge I bought. For what we pay for these cartridges, I should be able to print way more than 10 pages!!! Called to request a complimentary cartridge sent to me and was on hold with Lexmark Co. for 25 minutes and no one got back to me. Customer Service is very unsatisfactory. Guess I will have to buy ANOTHER cartridge on my own, since Lexmark is not interested in giving satisfactory customer service. I am very disappointed in this company and the lack of handling of my reasonable request for them to stand behind their product. I never judge a company if I have a problem with their product, I judge them by how they handle the problem when brought to their attention. with Lexmark, I am not a satisfied customer with the ink cartridge and a zero response from them.

  4. I bought Lexmark 100 3 ink multipack cartridges for Prospect Pro205 printer.

    Cartridges are somewhat different from originals and do not fit into the printer.

    I can not get a satisfactory answer from Lexmark what to do even though it is Lexmark cartridge, but since I bought it from Amazon I can not return it because Amazon sent me what I ordered and there is nothing physically wrong with cartridges.

  5. I am in the rewards program and have purchased MANY ink cartridges. The most recent one I purchased is already fading. I call to see if they would send me a new one and I was transferred three times and the lady that was supposed to help me put me through one hoop after another. She was rude and I could hardly understand her. All I wanted was a replacement black cartridge. I finally said forget it…and I’ll never call again. I hung up and no one bothered to call back either. This company does not care. They will only sell ink cartridges to you.


  6. I have a Lexmark X5650:

    Ink ran out purchased new set of cartridges from WalMart. One of the cartridges is NO good don’t know which one it tells me cartridge error. So I returned to Walmart the clerk tells me I can’t return because they are opened. Well how the hell could I install if I can’t open them DUHHH She tells me I have to call Lexmark to see what the problem is.They don’t answer the phone.

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