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How To Contact LiveNation Customer Service

LiveNation is the largest live entertainment company in the world and it has made the #3 eCommerce website in the world.

Live Nation Canada Phone Number: 1-855-985-4357


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  1. Who is in charge at the Key Bank Pavilion in Pittsburgh? I only saw 2 Police officers at the entrance, and never laughed so hard when I saw the one start instructing a driver to go and the other telling him to STOP!
    That was my worst experience at a concert venue ever, I arrived at 7:00 – parking was horrendous – I watched a girl direct a car into the path of a bus and almost got hit, concert was to start at 8:00 – I stood in line for 2 hours to get in, missed the first 8 songs of the event. The people that I encountered that had Live Nation shirts, kept directing people to different gates only to hear those people come back because that line was far worse than where they started, and “RUDE” – the one guy said the “F” word in every sentence. I actually watched people leave because they said they had sold too many tickets and were not letting anymore people thru the gate.
    I would like to know what you plan to do to correct this. I feel some refund is in order for the complete debacle I had to endure to see Jimmy Buffet. Those people were the worst I had ever seen, I left early knowing there were 5 songs left and as I was leaving watched people knocking over portable bathrooms while security people just laughed.
    I would like a response

  2. Your system is awful to work with. I would prefer Ticket Master everyday!!! I purchased a pre-sale membership and could not use it. I tried for entire day to buy tickets only to be rejected over and over again that my password was invalid when I was looking at the password on my computer screen not invalid! Then you won’t allow a group of 3 to buy tickets if it leaves an empty seat ridiculous!!!

  3. Trying to reach someone at LiveNation, have been trying for 2 weeks, I have 6 available free tickets from the law suit, but somehow can get to talk to someone, everytime you go to use your voucher tickets they are all gone.They should just send vouchers and we should be able to go to any concert since that were the ones that over charged us.

  4. Last time I will be ordering from you! I order tickets for one direction when they first went on sale. Best available pit me in club seats half way across the stadium. Just went online today and found out that there are plenty of seat in front of the stage. What kind of BS is this? Then I wait for customer service another 20 minutes and am told that exchanges are not possible for this venue! When the first salesperson asked me if I wanted an exchange? When I was told that I thought it was too good to be true, and customer services co firmed that. No exchange policy at this venue! My question is what venue does allow for exchanges? Like I said BS! I buy tickets all the time usually for me and my family. I think I’m done! Fix yourselves please….you are definitely broken!

  5. Customer service is not responsive. Very difficult to spreak with a support person when various problems occur

  6. Live Nation is the absolute worst customer service on the internet. They overcharge for tickets, inflate taxes and make up fees. NEVER purchase tickets from them, stub hub and other ticket sites charge 0 fees and are more than willing to help you out if you have an issue. Live nation not only could care less if you have an issue, it takes a half hour to find their phone number then another half hour to actually speak to someone only to hear their generic written out answers (sir/ma’am) I’m sorry but I can’t help you. They have this thing called “dynamic pricing” meaning they lower tickets drastically hours before the event and screw every person who previously purchased their tickets at their inordinate rates to begin with. Next time you go to purchase tickets on this site, realize with the money you spent, you could have gotten the same tickets if not better elsewhere, and have your first 60 minute therapy session covered. Once again let me reiterate how awful this site and their service is and I beg you to stay away from them so you don’t have to type out this exact scenario. verbatim

  7. Will Live Nation be holding their annual job offering market held at the Weirton Community Center for summer help at the Pepsi Cola amphitheater in Burgettstown, PA ? Perhaps you can give me someone’s phone number locally to call about this. When I contacted the community center they stated Live Nation hadn’t booked space yet for the job offerings.

  8. seeking wheelchair accessible tickets for a show at the Shoreline in Mountain View in June. Automated system says none available, but I find this hard to believe. The way the system is set up, I could buy Lawn tickets, show up and require staff to find wheelchair section seats for me at showtime, or I could play fair and buy them at full cost…I’d rather find an avenue for doing things the right way, but the system will not let me…HELP! dawn

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