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How to Contact Lorex Customer Service

Phone Number: 1-888-425-6739

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  1. hi i hooked up 4 camreas around my house now i tried to sink them to the dvr and is saids it is out off range please help me.

  2. I spent hundreds on camera and software and lorex is never available to correct issues.

    There answer is to call tech support and when you do you spend over an hour listening to music.

    I will never purchase another lorex product EVER!

  3. Lorex C/S must be out of business…..I have called many times, left my number and have NEVER received a call back…it has been 6 hours. VERY POOR SERVICE TODAY

  4. Absolutely the worst customer service on the Planet Earth…..please folks…read these reviews and buy another product…..these folks will not ever and I mean ever answer their phone….I have wasted over $700 dollars on their worthless product…..

  5. How do these people stay in business ??? I will NEVER EVER buy anything from Lorex and if everyone else does the same they will be history. They sell cameras for inside and outside, but the one for the outside are not to be in the rain or snow. You don’t know this until you get them and then you find out, they are not waterproof. Now they want me to pay for shipping back to them. Misleading from the get go.

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