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Phone Number: 1-866-727-8920 association with this company:

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  1. Apparently I am not the only unhappy person with your service according to the other customer comments to your customer service. As I stated in my past post if you received, I checked NO do NOT charge my card to renew membership. Someone or the automated system changed this to yes and you took $41.94 out of my card today! Also, my credit card gave me the phone # 866-727-8920 to contact you and ask you to ask you to refund or reverse the charges, and when I dialed this #, I was unable to have my call go through. Please refund my $41.94 immediately. I did not authorize this withdraw or am I interested in continuing my membership to Love & Seek. And I would just like to make an addition comment. Your websites claims that you are a CHRISTIAN site. Christians do not opporate this way and the fact that you claim this makes me sick!

  2. I want my account with Love & Seek cancelled immediately. # 27×5683359 You have already taken money from my account. If not cancelled by 4.29.18
    I will call the Better Business Bureau and have my Bank be in touch.

    1. I’m in the same situation. I have no to renew and they had to have changed it and I called the card and they said they, Love & Seek needs to refund or reverse the charges. When I called the customer service my card gave me, which is the same as the one they have listed, the call did not go through. Just hung up on me. Did you have any luck?

  3. You have withdrawn these amounts from my checking account without my authorization, I never requested your service I expect the money to be put back into my account…and stop sending messages to my phone.


    PM *LOVEANDSEEK. / Ref1:7273095404 Ref2:0227205404 Ref3:805902060123 15 Expires:20180302



    PM *LOVEANDSEEK. / Ref1:7273095405 Ref2:0227205405 Ref3:805902060166 15 Expires:20180302


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