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How To Contact Loreal Customer Service

Loreal (L’Oreal) is a French Company that is the world leader in cosmetics and is synonymous with beauty, innovation and excellence.

Loreal USA Address

575 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10017-2446

Phone Number:1-212-818-1500

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address: info@us.loreal.com

Stock Symbol: OR

Cosmetics Customer Service: 1-800-322-2036

Hair Products Customer Service: 1-800-631-7358


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  1. I purchased Loreal mascara at Walmart in Vista CA approximately 1 week ago and threw it out after 5 days because all I got was clumps of mascara when I used it. I kept having to clean off the brush head each time I used it. Finally got disgusted with it and threw it away. I bought this particular brand because I used other products of Loreal and I thought I would stick to the same brand but don’t believe I will purchase the Loreal mascara again. Would love to hear from you.

  2. I had the same problem, and am getting no help from Loreal. The problem only gets worse. Trying to correct this, waited approx a month and applied Loreal Superior Preference 81/2 A champagne Blonde and after the required time even waited an extra 10 minutes and NOTHING happened, it did NOT even lighten my color at all.

    Now at 12 cents short of $20.00 dollars, can not afford to keep buying this product and an getting a real bad feeling about Loreal’s credibility and integrity. Being on a fixed income the cost is to much for me to get my hair done professionally all the time, but a few more boxes of this junk will cost over a salon job. I will go to a different product and be sure to let all my friends know my experience. Hopefully, Loreal will step up to the plate and rectify this problem.

  3. On 17 March 2014, I was trying to get all the product out of lid of the L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm and the edges inside the lid were so sharp they sliced my finger. Since I’m on blood thinners, my finger bled for hours, even after using New Skin. This is very dangerous as I’m sure everyone tries to get all the product out of the lids.

  4. I have always used Loreal dark golden blonde. This time it turned dark, brassy orange. Would like a refund. Thank You.

  5. Where can i get loreal #710 mulberry lipstick. Stores are out of product. i have been using this color for years and would like to find it.Thank you.

  6. Why have a number that plays incessant disgusting elevator music, keeps sending out a message “thanking for your patience” and not that “my time is valuable” and picking up the phone at ALL! I was on 20 minutes twice.

    Your service is unacceptable

    I am a long time customer, ready to switch brands after this.

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