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Lucky Brand Jeans and Graphic Tees are style and quality combined. Lucky Brand is available in fine department stores and Lucky Brand Stores.


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  1. I was at your Lucky Bran store in the Walt Whitman Mall in Huntington, NY. Charlotte helped me with the pants and shirts and was extremely helpful and was very nice to deal with. She was very knowledgeable about the cuts of the pants, how they should fit and about the cuff on the bottom. I didn’t realize that most of the Lucky Bran pants are made in the USA. I learned that they have a red ribbon on the bottom of jeans as you cuff them. I wish your company had different lengths for the pants. I am short and need a petite, but you don’t offer pants for that height. It’s great that they have different styles and different waist sizes, but why not different lengths. The lengths are all the same for men and women, one size, which doesn’t make sense to me since there are many different heights for people. So I hope the company will consider offering different size lengths and petites. Lucky Bran has great clothing, they just need to expand a bit more for different types and sizes of people. Your service is wonderful! Charlotte helped me pick out great pants and shirts and was very pleasant about it.

  2. Lucky Brand. OMJ!!! I purchased a pair of your jeans from Macy’s in Santa Barbara in February. The chemical smell from the dye is so atrocious that I can not even wear them. I’ve washed and washed them at least 20 times and still nasty. I’ve even soaked them for hours in vinegar before washing them in hot water. I will never, ever buy anything from Lucky Brand again. Way disappointed. Can’t imagine those chemicals are good to have on your body or good for the environment. The poor workers that have to be exposed to such poisons. Shame on you, Lucky.

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