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Lycos is a classic internet portal for all the Web has to offer search, free online games, e-mail, free blogs & websites, videos & movies, news, weather and more.

Online Help Only


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  1. Almost 2 weeks ago I pd.the $20 dues for the yr. Since then I can’t get to my mail as the sign in ain’t working.I’ve been a customer since mailcity(15yrs.)and never seen service this bad.Was I scammed on the $20?It looks that way.

  2. I am unable to publish my webpages. I have submitted 5 requests for assistance. My one request was suppose to be expedited. To date I still have not gotten my website published. I have invested so much time in it and can’t get anyone to answer my requests. I have searched the web for a phone number but can’t find one. I did find an email for the legal department, but have since misplaced it. I wouldn’t recommend these people either. I can’t believe a company can run an organization like then, the profess to be a good company.

  3. My mailbox is broken, please fix my login I think I broke it. Sorry about that. Your adds were in funny places, and I thought I would move one to a lower box. Now my login info just goes in to the bit bucket,and disappears. I am also at my backup email. Promise not to play with settings again honest. Thanks Chase Conway

  4. I got through a bit of the bureaucracy with Angelfire/Lycos here: 781-370-2700. They say they no longer offer phone support but other parts of their corporation are available in mailboxes. You can leave a message in the general mailbox.

  5. I have had Lycos mail for over 10 years then suddenly I can’t get in and its like I never had an acct and I have emailed their customer service every day and sent them all my info as asked many times and get the same email from customer service, please to help you send your info in an attachment.. which I have done every day many days now… their is no phone number and they ignore pleadings for Help.. so frustrating I am crying to loose my emails.. so sad.. don’t rely on LYCOS.. I am totally helpless…

  6. This is the worse customer service I have ever experienced. No phone numbers to speak to anyone and the email responses get back to you at 6pm right before they close allowing no response time before they call so you have to wait again until 6pm the next day if you are lucky. the 781-370-2700 does not work at all… says not available at this time. I would not recommend these people to anyone.

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