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  1. world class customer service, mailed my glasses to be repaired and was treated to super repair ,service must be a terrific company to work for considering how well they

    treat their customers. have been wearing Maui Jim’s for approximately 20 years and will never change to another brand.

  2. My lens broke on my Maui Jim sunglasses and I don’t know where to get a new lens. I got the pair as a Christmas gift so I don’t know where they were bought from??

  3. I bought my first pair Maui Jim sunglasses in 1989. I have been not only a loyal customer, I have often felt like an unofficial spokesperson. I recently purchased a pair of “Red Sands”. I brought them to a local optometrist to adjust the temples to better fit my uneven ears, the right is a little higher than the left. He said, “I’ve done a few of these for you but, there is a real risk in bending/adjusting these temples,…there is no metal spine running through them. They are all plastic”. On further inspection, he said, “the spring loaded hinges and the bridge have always been metal, both are plastic on this pair. You must’ve got them at some discounted price.” All this and plastic lenses too… Well boys, that’s it! I, have witnessed something, one of the last things in which I had absolute faith, become victim to what we as consumers have been force fed for the past thirty years,..”cost effective engineering”! I will never buy another pair. Oh, and yeah, I paid the full retail price

  4. best customer service ever. If you buy expensive glasses it pays off. They fixed my cracked lens and charged me shipping. Best company ever. And the glasses are great.

  5. I have a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses that are so smeared, I cannot keep them clean, I was told that the film is coming off the lenses. Any comment or help is appreciated. My name is Tudy Cincinnati, Ohio

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