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How To Contact Ed Hardy Official Store Customer Service

Ed Hardy is American Style.



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  1. If you have Hardy posted on a small black car we watched him almost run someone over. Very troubled driver on Fairview in Costa Mesa approximately 6:08 pm

  2. I purchased a bottle of love & luck perfume and cannot open it……….there are no cap or means to unlock to get to perfume………I called fragrancenet.com and they told me they only sell it not manufacture it. so I have to call you to find out how to open………can’t find your phone # anywhere……..please inform or tell me how to open the bottle.thank you

  3. Hi, I’m a die hard fan on ed hardy brand !! I’m not rich, but still I save money to buy only ed hardy t-shirts, but I was a disappointment for me !! I bought 3 ed hardy t-shirts shaded models, on first wash. I can see white shades on it 🙁 I can’t use anymore for outside use !! total money waste for me 🙁 I decided not to buy ed hardy and I won’t let my friends either – a big disappointment

  4. I am trying to spend money on your shoes and cant. I want the Love Dies Slowly Black lowrise and saw them and cant buy them. What? Help! Even your phone number for customer service doesnt answer. Help!

  5. Hello I’m just wanting some way to contact someone so they can tell me where to buy the Ed hardy car accessories with the tiger head for my car I have on sister who has the Ed Hardy “Love Kills” and my other sister has the “One Love” then my Beastie Has the “Koi” so we all must have different not to mention the tiger is more mypersonality. Thank You for your time.


    Sherry J. Riddle-Kwapinski

  6. i recently got married and purchased 10 bottles of the Ed Hardy Villain Eeu De Toilette Fragrance for men to to put in my party favorites bags for my bachelors party. When I returned from my honeymoon, I had several calls from my brothers and friends informing that the fragrance did not have a smell to it… Since I had gotten a bottle for myself, I went and smelled the fragrance and sure enough it did not have a smell. I purchased these bottles of fragrance from Walmart at $26.97 per bottle. I collected all the bottles back and tried to take them back to Walmart but they they told me that since the bottles had been open I had to contact the manufacturer to resolve the issues; however, they could not provide ma a telephone number to do this. I have been trying to find a telephone number for Ed Hardy and have been unsuccessful. Can someone please advise on what I can do to get this issue resolved by getting the product replaced or getting my monies back…. thanking you in advance!

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