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7/31/2014 Emirates Airlines USA - How do I Know whether my complaint is approved by
How do I Know whether my complaint is approved by webmaster. ( complaint of 27th july2014 and now, Today the 31st July 2014.

RameshRead More
7/31/2014 Emirates Airlines USA - I have mailed Customer service ( 0n 27th July
I have mailed Customer service ( 0n 27th July 2014) regarding loss of my Mobile phone(Huawei) on Flt No:EK529 /EK231 on 24th July2014.while Flying to Washington from Hyderabad Till date no reply. Plz. hand over my Mobile.( 2ndReminder Mail)

Ramesh Read More
7/28/2014 Emirates Airlines USA - Took a Flight to washington, Very Pleasant
Took a Flight to washington, Very Pleasant Experience, Food was very good ( Veg. Food).
Lost My HUAWEI Mobile phone. May be I placed it in the Front Seat Pocket of my Seat attached to my folding Food Tray while eating.
Please inform & Deliver it to me if located.

My Flight Details: EK529 Hyderabad To Dubai (DKB) on 24th July,2014 Time: 21.50 Seat No.28H, 28J and EK231 DKB To IAD on 25 th July at 0220 Seat No:.44k 44H.


RameshRead More
4/9/2014 Emirates Airlines USA - I have lost my frequent flyer number. Can you
I have lost my frequent flyer number. Can you look it up for me.

Please help. I'm about to make reservations. Please email the number ASAP.. Thank you very much.

Judy Pullen
841 Lincoln blvd
Santa Monica, Ca

Thank you very much

JudyRead More
3/14/2014 Emirates Airlines USA - I lost my suitcase on Emirates flight EK 204
I lost my suitcase on Emirates flight EK 204 on Jan7,2014 going from JFK New York to Dubai, and was deliverd to me after one and a half month ,in completly damaged condition wheel broken, zipper gone wrapped in tapes loosely with things missing valuing $1000/- the Airline has my telephone number, my e-mail and address but no body contacted me so far its a month now, inspite of calling them 100 times, one person transfer my call to the other and so on. You can imagine how frustrating it can be.

Imtiaz FaruquiRead More
3/10/2014 Emirates Airlines USA - I took an Emirate flight EK204 jan7/14 from Jfk
I took an Emirate flight EK204 jan7/14 from Jfk New York to Dubai my suitcase was lost, I filed the complain DXBEK 99619 called the office numerious times visited the air port office of Emirates several times , and found no resposible person to handle my complain,clerks were taking calls and the answer would be we dont know, I finally returned to New York after One month and 15 days my suitcase was deliverd at my home in Brooklyn, NY. completly damaged even the wheels were broken, zip completly torn, lots of my stuff missing , i called the JFK Emirates office at 718 630 8930 they took my info. and asked me to call 718 751 4660 which has a recording please leave your name and number, but the mail box was full and would not take any messages, after numerous calls they gave me a ref # 4041 , than nothing happed , now they said call customer service on 212 758 3944, I never came across such mismanagement, in my my entire travelling life of 45 years, SO PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE TV ADS. AND NEW PLANES AND FALSE PROPAGANDA. DO NOT TRAVEL BY EMIRATES AIRLINES, OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.

11/20/2013 Emirates Airlines USA - I flew from Dubai to LAX on November 11th, 2013
I flew from Dubai to LAX on November 11th, 2013 they gave me a seat 50J that was the closest seat to the toilet ! in other airline they dont have such seat !(as far as I know and have observed). Anyway it was a very very bad flight for me from Dubai to Los Angeles (16 hours flight with such seat position) No one in the airport told me that they are giving me such seat number,however we have other seats vacant available.So, the people wer comming and going (using the toilet) and that spot was a very busy spot and bad smelling !
After I arrived to Los Angeles I was really sick (because of 16 hours bad flight) and the second surprise happend there for me! guest what? My baggage was hit very badly by a sharp object and it was totaly out of order! I reported about my baggage in LAX airport and they give me a FEDEX bill to send the baggage to TEXAS ! (they want to repair it!) and they said it takes about 1 or 2 months !! Anyway, Also, I reported my bad flight and my seat position to the emirates in Dubai by email. But I did not received any respons from them. I called ther service center (their customer service ) in USA and reported about my bad flight. I am sure that these guys are not going to do anything for me and they do not want to accept that this was their fault. So, I will report this to the BBB and consumer affairs in USA.I know that BBB and Consumer affairs are very serious in this regard and will investigate such things.I will never ever use Emirates Airlines.You guys,please stay away from Emirates Airlines. Thanks

ShahriarRead More
10/16/2013 Emirates Airlines USA - It takes a long time for a person to pick up a
It takes a long time for a person to pick up a telephone,more than 15minutes.
9:40AM PST.
Mona tells me her computer is not working, she tried three times. I had to repeat my address 4 times. It took for ever to sign up

SatishRead More
6/19/2013 Emirates Airlines USA - I Want to Know how to take millage bones benefits
I Want to Know how to take millage bones benefits Late me Know. All ready i got a ticket for London two days ago So please tell me how to got millage Benefits Because Last year also I fly by Emirates and try to got millage Bones but no body tell me in Customer Disk. So this time i not want to miss Chance, Because from four Years i am Fly by Emirates and all ways I ask Emirates Staff but no body tell nicely since Four Years. So this is my Humble Request to you CO-operate me in this tripe From Delhi to London.
Note: In this Treep Plese inculude Millage Bones and millage Benefits and if poseble add four years Emirates millage Bones.
Reply very Soon.


nisyRead More
10/15/2012 Emirates Airlines USA - Hello,we are flying on emirates with my 23 months
we are flying on emirates with my 23 months daughter, what my question is, how much weight can take for my daughter, please give me the reply immediately, OK thank you.

swathiRead More
9/16/2012 Emirates Airlines USA - My first experience on emirates airline nearly
My first experience on emirates airline nearly turned into a nightmare. My ticket reference is 176 2118274939. I was traveling from Lusaka to new York via Dubai on 10 th August 2012. On flightEK201 from Dubai to new York I paid for two bottles of Cartier perfume from the in flight duty free sales to give as gifts to the people I was visiting. The hostess said she would bring the perfumes, that she only had one bottle but would transfer from a colleagues stock. After about 15 minutes she returned with my purchase in a plastic carrier bag and had other parcels. She asked me to get my parcel, a passenger nearer to her collected and gave me and before I could check she was gone. I found only one bottle. I reported to other hostesses who told me she had probably gone to bring the other bottle. An hour later the passenger who collected the parcel, spotted her and asked her to come. I told her she gave me only one bottle yet I paid for two. She immediately denied that she gave me only one, claiming the aircraft had cameras all around . I told her I wanted to go with her to play the camera back to the time she gave the parcel, but oh no she went and on about how she personally packed 2 bottles. I told her I just want what I paid for and she must just play the camera back in my presence so we see who is lying. She disappeared. She came back sheepishly and apologized that she did not know that her supervisor had removed one bottle, and put some chocolates in by way of apology; chocolates which I was entitled to as a passenger anyways.
Her attitude in dealing with my inquiry was bad, not what I would expect in a service industry, anyways. She was literally accusing me of stealing my a perfume which I had paid for, she even claimed it has happened before on your flights and the culprit was caught by the camera. If that is the case why did she not just say, madam let me counter check, and then discretely check the cameras. She would have saved me the embarrassment she nearly caused when accusing me of hiding one bottle; yet she had delivered only one bottle.
On my return flight, which I had no choice to use I opted not to buy anything in flight, and have informed family members as well about the attitude of your staff. I informed my boss who had recommended to use your airline, he was shocked and said I should have requested to see captain immediately. Never in my life have I been treated like that in flight.

Jane Bota KarimaRead More
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