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Honda is a worlwide maker of cars, motorcycles, atvs, water craft, generators, and now jets.

Honda USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ<

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1-800-999-1009 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.


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PAYMENT 28/4/2017 & NO ANY RESPONSIBLE PERSON THIS SIDE. i 10 to 15 call to dealer but not satisfiy responce.

12/26/2016 Honda - good morning my name is monica nivar - espino I
good morning my name is monica nivar - espino I bought a Honda fit just in September, everything is fine only thing is that I need to change my address the new one is:

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3/27/2016 Good afternoon, I bought 2013 Honda CRV at Plaza
Good afternoon, I bought 2013 Honda CRV at Plaza Honda in Brooklyn. The salesperson did his job but everthing went downhill after that. I took the vehicle for installation of of the anti theft device as well replacement of the windshield wipers twice without ianything been done . I left the vehicle at the Plaza Honda Serv Dept at 11am and went to pick it at 5:00pm. (had appoint for 11:00am) and nothing was done. They had forgotten about the vechile . I took it back last Friday and was told that someone would call me about 4:00pm. Several attempts made to contact the dept without success. I got here at 530pm and was informed that that everthing was done hours ago despite that I was told that someone who call as soon as the service was completed. The windshield wipers were not replaced (bought vehicle on 3/11/2016) the seats we not placed back in their respective positions and a folder with my son's drumsticks as well as his music book were missing.
This service I would expect if I was living in the Third World country where everything is monopolized. i am extremely dissappointed with the service the I received from Plaza Honda.

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2/9/2016 2000 Honda Odyssey 3rd Row Seats are rusted
have a 2000 Honda Odyssey; both sides of were the 3rd seat bolts up to has rusted away and there is a big hole all the way to the ground this a very unsafe condition for possible carbon poison not to mention I can't use the third seat. no one at Honda wants to do anything.

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10/28/2015 Honda - Available pleaseUnicorn 150ccOld models.I
Available please
Unicorn 150cc
Old models.
I purchased old model unicorn 150cc
Black colors please
Reply me

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5/20/2014 I bought a Pre Owned Honda Civic Hybrid in 2012
I bought a Pre Owned Honda Civic Hybrid in 2012 from an Importer which had done just 14,000kms . How ever the IMA light appeared in the panel in about 32,000 kms. Sri Lanka's authorized sales and service agent told me that it is a factory defect and the company will give me a battery if I write to them. But hey were not willing to give me the mail id. After some research in the net I wrote to The mail was not returned but no reply from them.
Honda's business ethics is bullshiy. Will not buy an Honda again.

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3/12/2014 Honda - I bought a 2000 model rancher in a garage sale .
I bought a 2000 model rancher in a garage sale .
It only has about 2000miles on it, now having shifting
Problems it won't shift out of 5 gear. I understand there
Was a recall on this would like to know if you all could
Help me out with this problem.
If you can help me with this please call 304-481-8813

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10/15/2013 Bought a Honda City in Thailand, when leaving the
Bought a Honda City in Thailand, when leaving the dealership they gave just enough gas where we almost didn't make to the closest gas station. A day later they called us up the girl didn't finish all the paperwork , i told my wife they got their money and if were in the area we'll stop in i'm not going to waist my gas and time after the way we were treated. I think what Honda has to realize is there are other dealerships and people don't have to buy a Honda. I think Honda of Japan should train it's empolye's from other countries to ensure they have the same standard as they do in Japan.

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2/5/2013 I am trying to contact Honda Customer Service in
I am trying to contact Honda Customer Service in Japan. I live in Israel and am the owner of a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid. I bought the car new in January 2008 and have been the sole driver. It has 50,200 kilometers (30,000 miles). Last Friday while driving on the highway, the automatic gear suddenly went out. I was in the right-hand lane and was able to pull over into the shoulder without incident. The car needed to be towed to the garage where they replaced the automatic gear unit.
The car has been serviced regularly at the dealer garage and, as a matter of fact, just had its annual service.
I am shocked that this could happen at such low mileage. It is almost totally unheard of that the automatic gear would go out before 150,000 miles. The car was never in an accident and was driven over only paved roads. There was no warning light, no strange noise or anything.
The Honda importer here in Israel said they have no liability and that the warranty has long expired; there apparently is no Power Train Warranty here apparently. Therefore, I have had to bear the full cost of the repair – approximately 3,200 US dollars. In my “humble" opinion, this was likely a defective unit and Honda should stand behind their product.

I have been unable to find a contact in Japan to whom I can write and register my complaint about this situation. I would appreciate any comments.

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4/9/2012 When will Honda start installing optional hybrid
When will Honda start installing optional hybrid engines in all their models as Toyota is
doing.As an owner of 2 Honda hybrids,I and many other customers would like to see a hybrid
engine installed in the CR-V.

Honda's model selection has dwindled when the company stopped making the S-2000 and the
Element.And the Ridgeline and Crosstour are not big sellers.That means that Honda has 2
popular models-the Accord and the Civic both with ultra conservative designs.I have owned
5 Hondas in the last 4 years but Honda has to start thinking outside the box and produce
more stylish cars that will compete in this competitive market.It also has improve its
crash test scores as the new civic only received 2 stars for side impact by the NHTSA.

Thanks for listening!

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7/7/2011 Honda - July 7, 2011Right now I have my 2005 Odysee at the
July 7, 2011
Right now I have my 2005 Odysee at the dealership for a powersteering pump replacement. In investigating this problem I heard several complaints about this problem in several models of the odysee not just the 2005 model. I have had different Hondas and never had a power steering problem before. And with sveral other customers having the same problem I feel that there must be a major problem that honda needs to address. And maybe recall. I'm picking up my car tonight after a $ 500.00 plus service cost. I'd appreciate some response back on this matter.
My E-Mail is amd my phone # is

Thank you,
Dianna Aubele

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Prototype 2 is performed as an engine with two-sided pistons, positioned at 90° to each other, in combination with PAUT two-stroke cycles (fig 1). Such construction provides an engine containing less assembling parts, having smaller mass to power and overall-dimensions to power ratios, which are the presumptions for a successful product to be accomplished and for low cost production/exploitation to be expected. Smaller mass, compared to the prior art engines, derives from the fact that PAUT engine contains considerably less assembling parts lacking elements such as: rods, camshafts, camshaft's driving parts, some valves, large heads.
The very construction of the two-sided piston (fig 3) has more advantages. Contact area between two-sided piston and cylinder is considerably larger compared to prior art pistons. Hence, specific pressures are lower and since the two-sided piston is lubricated under the pressure, the friction is considerably smaller, the more so as we know that normal force Fn in the engine center equals zero (fig 2a).
All these results with less wear of the piston and the cylinder. Such a two-sided piston has considerably smaller mass compared to the prior art assembly it replaces, consisting of two pistons with their prison-shafts and two belonging rods, resulting in lessening of linear motion inertial forces.

This construction has still more advantages as compared
to prior art engines such as:

- better controlled cooling of cylinders not being adjoined to each other
- smaller friction inside the engine due to less moving parts
- increasing the capacity of this engine, though considerably, results in overall dimensions to increase only slightly
- gravity center is posted lower (it is in the engine center)
- better forces configuration in the very engine, while negative forces and torques nullify each other completely (fig 2b)
- it is possible to dismount pistons and cylinders without entire dismounting of the engine
- no special tools nor machines were used to produce this engine
- there is less noise due to the design of the two-sided piston
- though the cycle is of two-strokes, the lubrication is performed as if it was four-strokes

The objections on this construction should be as follows:

- due to the compressed construction , the starter should be mounted on the gear box, but with some endeavour it is possible to mount it on the very engine
- the force on the output journal of the crankshaft (fig 2a) is twice compared to the one at prior art engines, but this problem becomes negligible with a proper design of the journal and of the operating shaft bearings
- there is no oil sump at this engine, hence an additional oil-pump is needed
- since it is a two-stroke cycle engine, the engine cylinders are submited to higher mechanical and thermical load comparing to four-strike cycle

Prototype 2 - characteristics (technical data):

• Two-stroke engine
• Engine-block measurments with heads mounted 500mm x 440mm x 440mm
• Engine two-sided piston diameter 100 mm
• Compressor two-sided piston diameter 120 mm
• Two-sided piston stroke 88 mm
• Capacity 7000 cm3
• Number of chambers 4(engine) + 4(compressor)
• Number of two-sided pistons 2(engine) + 2(compressor)
• Weight 135 kg
• Power, torque and specific consumption have not been measured as yet.

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