Customer Service Contact Information For Audiovox 1-800-645-4994


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  • I have had my audiovox portable DVD player for a few years. I bought it for my car, but then bought a Cadillac with an awesome DVD player built in. So I never used it. My TV also had a built in DVD Player, but then I bought a big flat screen TV and set it up and it worked great, until one day when I tried to play it and it cane up that there was no disc detected. I have tried using several discs, but to no avail. It is too old to return it even though I have only used it about 3′ or 4 times. But now I want to use it but can’t get it to work I still have my older TV which is not a flat screen inside my armoire in bedroom which has the built in DVD player. It works great but the TV is small compared to my flat screen. I wish I could connect that built in DVD to my flat screen, bur I don’t know if that is possible. I wish the audiovox would give me technical support, but they said its over warranty I had to log onto their website to get their phone number because it wasn’t in the manual

  • Apparently you are not reading the comments left by customers. All are negative and you are doing nothing to correct the problems. I recently bought an 808 XS Bluetooth speaker and it worked less than 2 hours. I exchanged it for a like speaker and so far it is working, but there is no green light indicating that it is charged.

    You quality control is obviously in name only. Akin to the White House, a president in name only.

  • I hqave a 12inch kitchen lcd hdtv and I am told the picturetube has gone out. can it be fixed or can I buy another (where)

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