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AT&T Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

AT&T is a communications giant that is the largest provider of mobile phone service and home phone service. AT&T’s brands include Uverse, AT&T Wireless, Pre-Paid Calling Cards and GoPhone Mobile.

AT&T has consistently provided innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care for more than a century. At&t’s mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. They are fulfilling this vision by creating new solutions for consumers and businesses and by driving innovation in the communications and entertainment industry.

AT&T Customer Service Contact Information

The contact phone numbers are listed for the various departments within AT&T.

AT&T Help Line: 1-800-2747
AT&T Wireless Support: 1-800-331-0500
Uverse Support: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T and Directv: 1-800-288-1145
AT&T and Dish: 1-866-722-7500
AT&T Internet: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T Landline: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T Español 1-800-559-0050
TTY: 1-888-341-2355
Shareholders: 1-800-351-7221
Pre-Paid Cards: 1-800-288-2020
Military: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T Small Business: 1-877-253-0009
AT&T Large Business: 1-877-253-0009
Collect or Calling Card Calls: 1-800-225-5288

AT&T Hours

24/7 – 24 Hours 7 Days a Week for most services

AT&T Address Information

AT&T Inc. is located in Dallas, Texas. For Bill payment addresses or other locations, please check your statement.

AT&T Inc.
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, Texas 75202 USA

AT&T’s Official Websites

AT&T’s’s official website is AT& To get specific information for your account, log-in to


AT&T does not publish email addresses for various departments. However, they do offer contact us pages, after you login to your account.

Social Media

AT&T is a very progressive company and they maintain several social media accounts. AT&T updates these accounts very frequently. They use social media to , offer promotions, show commercials, offer contests to highlight their brand. Also, they will handle difficult customer service issues using social media. Links to AT&T’s social media accounts are listed below.

AT&T on Facebook
AT&T on Twitter
AT&T on Pintrest
AT&T on Youtube


To reach a live person at AT&T user support, dial from your at&t mobile phone, confirm your phone number then press #1, then press 2, then press 0

Customer Reviews

AT&T’s customer service is some of the best that we have experienced. They offer customer service through a their stores, phone numbers, email and social media. They show all of their contact information on their website. However, they are hard to find.

AT&T is not perfect and they do make mistakes, along with their successes. Please review and rate your customer service experience with AT&T below.

AT&T Customer Service
AT&T Customer Service Number

340 Replies to “AT&T Customer Service”

  1. Now 2 days with no phone…You may need to contact Amazon to see how they get delivery’s out in less than 24 hours. Your killing my business.

  2. To continue, I don’t use the phone for anything other then calling, texting, checking emails and taking pictures. I am dependent on my phone for business. The employees at the Mantua store in NJ have been very helpful but only so much they can do with the At&T policies. I expect a NEW phone in an unopened box and not a Samsung. also should not have to pay last months charges my time is too valuable!!!

  3. EXTREMELY frustrated!!!! I have had 4 phones since august 8/17 ,that phone would not swipe and the touch screen wouldn’t work, On 5/5/18 was sent out a REFURBISHED phone and that one stop working completely, black screen no charge, took 4 days to get another refurbished phone 5/21/18 which the screen turned neon green and couldn’t read. got sent another REFURBISHED phone and in less than 2 weeks this one also stoped working yesterday, another black screen. I have put about 20 hours into this project retrieving my contacts, since the phone would not take a charge or start up, going through all my texts to put phone number together with names, redownloading APS and passwords.. Spending hours in the AT&T store, spending hours on hold with you and the delivery services tracking my REFURBISHED phone. I expect some compensation for all of this time , I have paid good money, for mine and our 4 other phones and 3 tablets with At&T on time. now how to I get compensated for all my aggravation? I still don’t have a phone as of now. These have all been samsung androids. Your policies on sending back a phone to get another which is not new but REFURBISHED doesn’t help me, Why should I bother to pay the Bill???? on a phone I don’t have.

  4. I ordered a phone last week of June, was to be shipped over night six days later I still don’t have the phone. Every time I have called its the same thing you get the run around. I’m like everyone else I AM SICK of AT&T’s service. You CANNOT talk to anyone in the US they are all over seas somewhere. They do not speak English you get cut off, you never get to talk to the same person. So, you have to go thorough all this automated stuff again.

    I think we as customers deserve better. The AT&T Company needs to bring their their Customer Services back to the UNITED STATES, or you may start losing customers.

    I work in a bank, if we treated our customers this way we would be fired on the spot.

  5. i have differant people calling me advtiseing junk crap and its all crap is there anything you can do about it other than having the dam phone removed completly

    im getting close to that 1-number they use is -913-204-0098 2-503-468-5935-3-877-249-216 4-703-436-1288 5-800-421-0000 6-unavaillable 7-800-580-7611 8-451-000-5554 and this one 2times 703-436-1288 then a unavaillabl several more but this is BS to have to put up with this im getting fed up with it do something beside chargeing more you need to do more ill try fcc next

  6. AT&T has ROYALLY screwed me over today. I got a really good job working from home that required a land line. Since AT&T is the only game in town I guess, they are who I had to get a land line through.

    It has taken them 5 days to turn on a land line, only to have some “technical glitch” that came with the line that was causing it to call 911 about every other hour. Police were showing up at my door all day today, stating that they were getting 911 calls from my line.

    I called for repair 5 (FIVE!!!!) times today. All I got was put on hold for an average of 20 minutes each time I called. Nobody wanted to deal with the mess AT&T made of this. At one point, one of their technicians was actually working on the house NEXT to mine today. I just happened to see his truck parked out there, so I walked over and told him about it. His response was to call the repair line. When I told him the problems I was having with them, he told me, literally, “crap happens”.

    I called back and finally got a human and ordered an immediate disconnect. They tried to sell me of course but I wasn’t having it.

    Oh, and the fifty dollars I paid to get the line turned on will NOT be refunded. Bear in mind, this is NOT a deposit, but an advance payment which was supposedly required by AT&T.

  7. Anyone considering moving to another phone carrier because of poor customer service, dropped calls and outrageous bills, I am here to tell you they are ALL the same grief. You will have the exact same problems. I have switched from AT@T to Sprint and T-Mobile. The all stink!!! Congress needs to look into how these phone companies treat us. Let’s STAND together!!!

    Disgusted Phone Consumer

  8. I am having a hard time even giving att customer service one star. the worst service I have ever encountered anywhere, anytime.

  9. Recently tried to upgrade from DSL to U-verse. Technician came out and after a few minutes said there were line issues elsewhere. He contacted a lineman who supposedly corrected their infrastructure issues. I made another appointment for 9 days later. In the meantime, they turned off DSL. Customer service said it was no problem to turn it back on and it should be done quickly. After a day of waiting for ‘quickly’, they’re turned my phone line off instead. So now I have no DSL and no land line phone. They said my phone would be turned back on within 5 days. Unfortunately ATT is basically a monopoly in our small town. This is a most comical with incompetence.

  10. I’ve lived in thirteen different states and four countries and deal with a number of phone companies. Believe me when I say that AT&T is the worst! There is nothing good for me to say about AT&T Corp. in general or specifically with their telephone service or Internet service. We’ve been a customer this time since July 2011 and from the outset it has been a nightmare. Worse yet, when you call no one can help you. Customer Service Reps are limited in their ability and their authority and supervisors are never available. They tell you a supervisor will get back to you but they never do. When they give you a phone number to call for assistance, mysteriously the phone number doesn’t work. Online service is no better. We know as we’ve tried both.

    Our problems with AT&T are ongoing. We live in Mississippi and whenever it rains, there is an awful buzzing on our telephone line in on both incoming and outgoing calls that gets so loud we can’t hear anything but the buzzing. Though, we have reported over at least a half a dozen times, and repairmen come out to look at it, and know what the problem is, it has yet to be repaired.

    Our newest problem is with billing. This past summer we called Customer Service to see why our monthly bill for phone and Internet keeps going up. We were given a new and reduced monthly package rate for both phone and internet to take effect October 2013 and run for twelve months. Funny though how each month we receive a bill that doesn’t reflect the new rate. Every month we have to call AT&T to get our bill reduced and no one can tell us why the new rate didn’t take effect. We are subject to long hold times and have yet to get this resolved. Each time we called we hoped it was the last call, but it wasn’t. Our last bill of January 2014 still didn’t reflect the new rate. In an act of desperation, we filed complaints with the State Utility Commission, the FCC, the TX AT&T Corp. Office and our federal government reps. Today, a contact in the Escalation Depart called us. Imagine, in order to get attention to our ongoing complaints we had to file a formal complaint. Nice, huh?

    A word of advice: if you can go with another phone and internet provider other than with AT&T, go with the other option. We used AT&T for years in CA and Co for long distance service without issue. However, as a local telephone and internet provider, they have a lot to learn about providing proper service and customer service. Our internet goes in and out and is not as fast and reliable as the service we had for four years with Qwest in MN. We once had Yahoo before AT&T acquired them and they were so much better.

    Pros: It exists. Nothing else good to say about it.

    Cons: Inept/ No Customer Service. Fraudelent practices. Too big of company that cares less about customers.

  11. Please may I ask for your assistance with my phone service.

    For days I’ve been unsuccessful in getting a person to show an once of human kindness.

    Repeatedly, I’ve been told to call 611. I’ve been unable to get through due to severe static and then I’ve been disconnected. Please send a repair person

    to check the outside wiring at no cost to me. Communicating with you

    has been totally frustrating. I’m a 75 year old with a profound

    hearing loss. Thank you for your assistance with this issue. Please refer this message to the correct department.

    Mary Joan O’Keefe

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