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Comcast is one of the largest cable tv, internet and phone providers in the USA. Comcast just made a deal to buy a majority of NBC. Comcast has largely re-branded their services as Xfinity

Comcast’s major competitors are Spectrum, DirecTV, Verizon Fios, and AT&T Uverse.

More Comcast Numbers

Phone Number: 1-215-665-1700

Customer Service Phone: 1-800-266-2278

Outages and Service Down Call: 1-800-266-2278

Fax Number: 1-215-981-7790

Email Address:

Comcast Official Website

Comcast Customer Service
Phone Number for Comcast Customer Support

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  1. TERRIBLE service, HORRIBLE customer service!! Had phone service for 5 months and it went down twice. It took over week to get service again the first time, and the 2nd time after 3 no show appointments, we finally went back to Verizon. I would NEVER EVER consider Comcast for any service

  2. My bill has been incorrect for almost one year… I stopped my phone service because friends repeatedly told me that some other person’s name came up on their caller idea when I called. comcast tried for 3 months, but did not understand what I was talking about because they could not find anything wrong? just 1 year ago (last month), I terminated phone service. CABLET TV is included in my maintenance, so I told them I just wanted internet service and returned their phone modem immediately…even though I have a dated receipt for the return, COMCAST HAS NO RECORD OF IT…so today they SUSPENDED MY INTERNET SERVICE”. NOW, I only get an audio contact with an extension to pay, but I cannot even talk to a real person until it is paid. At this point even though they owe me credits ~$400 , I am being intimidated into paying another $330.00 because I need the internet. RIGHT NOW, I am sitting in PANERA’S typing this as I wait on “HOLD” on my cell to reach a supervisor, thinking PANERA’S closes in just over 3 hours, and my cell will probably go dead first…WHAT CAN I DO??????

  3. Comcast worst customer service ever. I would not recommend my worst enemy to them. Been trying to contact for a week now holding for 30 min at a time then they say to leave a message for someone to call you back. Left 17 messages not 1 call back. When I push the prompt to add service they pick up instantly and I asked them how I could lower my bill by cutting service they sent me right back to the number where you can never reach anyone. Just gonna stop paying these fools and wait until they contact me guess that is the only way

  4. Signed up for installation service two months ago. Kept sending wrong person out (5times). Need underground installation first. Now unable to contact anyone who speaks. Keep getting sent to number that only offers drop off locations!!! Is go elsewhere but no other company can give us unlimited wifi.

  5. My bill has increased $34.10 since Dec 2013. Talked to a rep and got no where with her. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told no one comes in till 12 Noon! Now we both know that is NOT true. I will be checking into Verizon and Direct TV as you are pricing me right out of your service. Also, Windber PA phone and internet was out for almost 5 hours on Sat March 7, 2014 and I would like to be reimbursed for that.

  6. why is Comcast calling my

    only phone when they are suppose to be here to fix it because it stopped working this morning?

    I wouldn’t mind but when the phone doesn’t work the life line doesn’t work. Not a good

    thing when the are two very ill people whose lives depend on it. Customer service assured me that they put special instructions on the work order. Comcast had best be knocking on my back door before 3pm or they will have a major problem on their hands.

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