Spectrum Customer Service

Spectrum Customer Service Contact Phone Number for  Support and Help

Spectrum is the new cable internet and tv provider created by the merger of Charter, Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse

Spectrum Phone Numbers:

Spectrum Customers: 1-833-780-1880

TimeWarner Customers: 1-800-892-4357

Brighthouse Customers: 1-833-780-1880

Spectrum Outage: 1-833-780-1880

Spectrum Company Website

Website for Support

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Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Contact Spectrum Customer Service

  1. Call Spectrum Customer Service Phone Numbers at 1-833-780-1880

    From your mobile or landline call 1-833-780-1880. TimeWarner Customers call 1-800-892-457, Brighthouse Customers call 1-833-780-1880

  2. Contact Spectrum by Customer Service Chat

    1. Click on Spectrum’s Contact Page Link Here.
    2. Navigate to the bottom of the page and the click contact us from the link above. The link has a blue square next to the words Contact Us.
    3. Now on the middle of the page, there is a link that says “Launch Ask Spectrum.” Click that link from the page. 
    4. Now start typing.

  3. Get Help with Spectrum on Social Media

    Click the appropriate social media link for Spectrum and either post your issue on Spectrum’s Facebook page or tweet your issue on Spectrum’s Twitter page.

  4. Get answers online to solve your issue with Spectrum.

    Go to this section of Sectrum’s website and either click the area that you need help or type in your issue in the search box. Many solutions are solved online.

  5. Get live help face to face with Spectrum.

    Find your local Spectrum store and go in for a live person and face to face help. Type in your zip code into the store locator and see if there is a store near your home.

Spectrum Customer Service
Spectrum Customer Service Phone Number

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  1. I cannot reach you by phone because my phone is not woking correctly ! Please fix as soon as possible since I do live here alone and I cannot drive currently ?

  2. Worst customer service on the planet. Terrible picture for months. Finally a crew came out and replaced the line from the house to the pole. After months it works right. Called my wife a.liar. The only liar is Spectrum.

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