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Xfinity internet and tv means more speed – more control with your entertainment. Comcast Cable‘s Xfinity service is one of the largest internet and cable tv providers in the U.S.A.

Xfinity also offers mobile phone service, home phone service, Dvr service, Wifi hot spot services along with their high-speed internet service for both home and business.

Xfinity customer service tends to get bad reviews. However, compared to most cable companies, Xfinity is rated very highly.

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Xfinity Customer Service
Xfinity Customer Service

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  1. The absolute worst service ever. They take your money but never add a credit for an outage. The outage last over 24 hours maybe more. You never talk to live agent just that bs automatic response system. I know it has got to be better service available.

  2. Worse customer service possible! I just spent almost an hour on the phone with a rep located in the Philippines and she didn’t understand the problem. It was also difficult to understand her. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she put me on hold for a least ten minutes and then told me no one was available to talk to me. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I hate calling them!

  3. Xfinity is the worst cable company out there I’ve had zero positive experiences with them and they double charged my account for no reason and refused to refund it and said that’s what I owed even though there’s a recorded phone call of them saying my account balance was 70.90 but I was charged 139.80 to my debit card with no valid explanation I would never recommend this service to anyone they are crooks don’t ever trust them

  4. Arbitrarily taking away TCM and expecting me to spend more money to keep it or change packages and lose additional channels while gaining some that I won’t watch. Already bundle services and pay a hefty bill. More flexibility and consideration for customers is needed.

  5. You have canceled my TCM Chanel and moving it to the sports package. I DO NOT WATCH SPORTS. I used to defend Comcast, now I’m shopping for a different cable company.

  6. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I EVER HAD NOTE IM NEVER EVER ONE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT BAD SERVICE BUT THIS IS CRAZY THEY MAKE YOU STAY ON THE PHONE TO CONSTANTLY REPEAT THEMSELVES AND TRANSFER TO SAY THE SAME THING I ASKED TO SPEAK TO A MANAGER BECAUSE my Wi-Fi was down and the representative kept going back-and-forth with me saying there’s no other options the manager is going to say the same thing and I said I want to speak with the one it’s already been hour since we’ve been on the phone and your not resolving the problem he finally connect me with the manager I am on hold and the phone hangs up all that time waiting, for me to not even speak with the manager so I called back the next day took another hour to even get to speak to a manager I finally speak with a manager he says there’s nothing that he can do since my Wi-Fi isn’t working and I said I’m not hanging up till I get a refund because I spent money for something to not work And your guys end He then put me on hold and hung up on me so they took my money and my problem was never resolved and there wasn’t even a refund never ever get Wi-Fi mobile passes through them they will take your money It’s crazy to me how you could invest so much money Into a company And they can’t help you please everyone do not go through Xfinity worst experience I ever had

  7. You’re really going backwards…you really let down a lot of core customers tonight…I have been customer 20+ years pay the full boat and listen to UVA beat Florida State on radio…maybe you could sponsor a Fire Side chat tomorrow!!

  8. We had been having ALOT of problems with our wifi connected to our tv’s and devices this very polite and knowledgeable young man Quan Toomer tech #5026 orange park. Came to our house and went above and beyond to do whatever needed to be done,he kept searching everywhere and found several things that were not done correctly in the first place.
    We had been having the problem from the beginning and had called and we were told just turn it off to reset it ,well this would work for a bit and then that dreaded circle would show its ugly self again soon enough. This guy was on a mission and he completed his mission with such professionalism that we just had to advise you about what a outstanding employee you have working on your great team. Keep up the good work, and keep Quan toomer tech # 5026.

  9. Xfinity relies so much on outsourcing for their customer service that it’s a joke. You spend 1/2 of your time repeating yourself and then having what you said repeated back to you. i hate to have to call them.

  10. We have had the basic package for a few years now and pay 185 a month with hbo included, out of all the worthless channels, there were only a few that we even watched and xfinity recently took them away and can only watch by paying for a subscription to the channel now. TBS? Really? TLC really? Why the hell would I want to pay more money for a channel that has mediocre shows and mostly edited reruns? That’s steep, I hope everyone switches to something that doesn’t make xfinity any money. These guys are a greedy joke.

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