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  1. I brought a Hamilton beach iron less than a year ago and about 9 month into it use It stated frying and smoking send off our fire alarm after it was plugged in. Called and informed Hamilton about it and they want to charge $10.99 for shipping to replace the defected product. The model number is 19800 and series # is A2421DX Hamilton Beach Durathon Blue and white type 186. I am so disappointed. I am discourage from purchasing any Hamilton products. I hope no other customers endure what Hamilton is doing to me. They would not send my product until I pay the shipping cost they drop to $4.99. I told them I have a check and they won’t send it until they get the money. Hamilton Beach will go broke from waiting for $4.99? instead of helping out a family who have a child with a disability. This is a heartless company. I hope customers take a note. I certainly do and my friends will too.

    Shame, shame on you.

  2. I have a hamilton beach tea kettle type K27; model #K6080

    series#E207393; for over a year.The problem is the handle is running

    very hot when in use. I was advised to stop using before there is a fire

    what is happening, are they only good for 1-2 years?

  3. Dear Sir

    We Imported From Hamiltonbeach Usa : Hamiltonbeach

    1-Hamilton Beach Drink Milk Shake Mixer Model 936 220v/1/60

    2- Hamilton Beach Blender Model 990 220v/1/60hz

    Please You Are Requested To Send To Us By E Mail Pdf Attachment The Spare Part Sheet Shown The Spare Parts Number For We Can Select The Parts We Need And We Make Order

    We Thank You In Advance For Your Kind Cooperation

    Best Regards,

    Sincerely Yours

  4. dont buy a hamilton beach product if they send you a check as a refund and you cannot cah it ae it is less than 300.00

  5. Gentlemen: Can you provide me information on how to obtain a reciipe and/or instruction book for your Hamilton Beach Roaster? When I bought mine several years ago, no book was enclosed so I really haven’t used it much.


  6. (In September you had a deal on GMA for blenders. I ordered but never received. My customer no. is 7083155. I have tried repeatedy to contact you and can never get through.My reason for the purchase is I have an ill husband who really needs to have some shakes. I am disappointed.

  7. I tried to get through to your 800 851 8900 number several times. It is now 1:01 in the afternoon and your phone message told me to call back when u r open from (9am) I am in Eastern Time Zone. Your customer service phone line should really be looked in to for proper information. I think you just lost a customer.

  8. Hi I got a HB K27 kettle a year ago. Suddenly it is not making contact in order to heat the element, if you press the switch the light on the top comes up but it goes out immediately. What could be wrong? This is an excellent kettle. Please help. Thanks

  9. No stars per this very dissatisfied customer. The replacement toaster you sent me is no better than the one it replaced, and now you want $11:00 for shipping me another that in all probability will be no better than the first two which burnt toast black regardless of the setting. They would not shut off. I’m thankful I always caught them before they belched flame and set our house on fire.

  10. I recently purched my 3rd HB BrewStation

    . I did so because the two previous ones were very good products, but this newest model is a VERY BIG DISSAPPOINTMENT! It is bulky and stuffberson to use and I get frustated every time I use it. It also puts out so much steam that I had to quit using it under my cabinets. I tried to return it and get one of the earlier models, like I had before but there were none available.So I guess I am stuck with with a very poor product.

    I have several Hamilton Beach products and have always preferred H B, but I certainly will think twice before buying or recommending one again!!

  11. Regarding Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Toaster Oven baking pan. The baking pan flips and distorts (oil can reaction)and sends contents flying as temperature increases in the oven. Please send me a replacement which I can rely upon to keep contents on the baking pan from being tossed.

    I cannot send or reference a purchasing dostuffent as the oven was a gift and the dostuffent is unavailable. It was received for my use just six months ago.

  12. I purchased a Scovill Hamilton Beach Elec unit (model # 49930474)U.S.Pat. R.E. 27.920

    I went online to find a cookbook or manual as how to use this electrical unit.

    The unit is a 9″ round; however, it has about an inch center well recessed.

    Would like to use this unit as a countertop cooking appliance, but, I need to know the proper use of this unit.

    Can you help me, please?

  13. I have a Hamilton beach indoor electric grill 8 or so years old and am still pleased with it.The grill serface is 71/2” x 131/2”wirh removable plates.I would like the same grill in black.Is this possible.My wife used our grill for a year in a trailer parked in front of our flooded house after Katrina and we really ate well.We want another one like this, only black.Many thanks for your help.


  14. Several years ago I purchased a Hamilton Beach hand mixer. I never liked it because the slowest speed (1) was not slow at all. It was way too fast for folding in and just mixing together. I was so happy to see that they came out with a newer model that advertised “Slower 1st. Speed – reduces messy splatters.” I received this mixer for Christmas. Well guess what? It’s the same as the other model. No difference in the lst. speed. I am soooo disappointed. Hoping they will have a solution for me!

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