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Monday – Friday, 8 am to 6 pm EST.

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PO Box 5815 Harlan
IA 51593-1315

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  1. I thought I ordered the 2019 Daily Guidepost early in the summer but I continue to get tenewal info. Can you let me know if you have my original order? Thank you

  2. I submitted an article to enter for the October writing workshop. When with the 12 persons chosen for the workshop be notified? Will notification be made? Will it be made by U.S. mail or by e-mail? Thank you.

  3. My mother is deceased, I need to cancel her subscription. I am having trouble doing that online and phone number is saying closed before actual time. Please email me so that we can resolve this matter!

  4. shipping books we did not order and then harassing us for payment.never again will I accept anything from this bunch of crooks

  5. Hi my name is Barbara. I ordered the Christmas cards and paid wih my bank card. I received the cards. Today I received a 2nd package of cards with a balance due of $7.97 My original order was deducted from my account .I do not wish to keep receiving this bill or addditional packages. I will not go to the expence of returning this unrequested package because I can see from other comments that this is an ongoing prblem .Please check the acct# 00012391439. –Barb

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