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How To Contact Contact DHL Customer Service

DHL is the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry. 1-800-225-5345


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  1. The Worse, The Worse..

    Please stay away from them as far as possible..

    They are liars, I was supposed to get my package and still never got it.. Still waiting even spoke to supervisor please save yourself the trouble

  2. We have not received good service from DHL.The package was travelling for 21 days before we received it.

    Very overprice.

  3. A guy called David west , who says he works in DHL abuja is a thief. He s got ma package and won’t wnt to send it to mi. He asked mi to send him moni of whc ave done. Stil yet no call frm him no package

  4. I would not ship anything through DHL unless there is NO OTHER WAY. I was awaiting a package, and received a text from DHL that my package would be delivered on Monday. I stayed home on Monday and waited, while checking their website every hour. I never received a telephone call nor an e-mail, not even a text, stating that the driver was having a problem. This lack of communication was irresponsible at best, and more appropriately, negligent considering that they asked for two(2) telephone contact numbers, and they already had my e-mail address. Finally, at 7:30 PM, there was an entry on their website that they have a problem with the address. I call them and get through after holding for an hour. The girl says that there was a problem with the address. She then proceeds to recite back to me THE EXACT CORRECT ADDRESS. She apologizes and tries to figure out what the problem was. I tell her that driving to my house is extremely easy… 1. Exit Interstate at ONLY EXIT IN TOWN. 2. Travel South for several miles until you reach MY STREET. 3. Turn on MY STREET. 4. Drive to MY HOUSE. I then proceed to tell her that if the driver had driven down my road, he would have had MY BARN in front of him at MY HOUSE, and there should have been no way that he could miss it. The girl told me that she had input the information into the computer, and I would receive my package tomorrow. I repeatedly checked the website to see if the information had been updated…it had not. I called back around 2:00 AM. A recording stated that my package had a problem, but they were closed, and as such, could not help with the problem. I called back sometime between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. I told the girl that answered the story. She said that she would input the information into the computer. She then stated that the package would be delivered today. I checked the website at 12:00 PM, to find that the “problem” still had not been addressed. The next call (12:30 PM) was of no use either. The lady on the other end informed me that my package was NOT ON THE TRUCK. The “Manager” at the hub where the trucks are loaded, told the girl on the phone that it would be tomorrow before it could be delivered. She apologized.

    If it is EVER up to me, I will NEVER SHIP ANOTHER PACKAGE USING DHL. I will gladly use the Post Office before I use them. I don’t know how a company can survive with this kind of service and attitude.



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