Kocaso Customer Service


How To Contact GPCT Global Phoenix Computer Technologies Solutions, Inc.

Kocaso USA
21 Dutch Mill Road
Ithaca, NY 14850
P.O. Box 3959
Email: email: customerservice@globalpct.com


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  1. I ordered a Google Android Dual Camera Tablet from NoMoreRack and it will only show one screen. It is like a telephone with the numbers and abc’s but will do nothing. I ordered it because the message on my computer said NoMoreRack was approved by Google. I have left messages by E-mail trying to get help or a number, but to no avail. Is this the kind of crooks that Google supports? I want answers PDQ

  2. I have a MID M736 tablet that I purchased and I’ve had to return it twice for charging issues. Now The one I have now just won’t turn on at all. It first had these white lines going thru it. The screen lit up and then went black. It won’t reset and it won’t turn on. Help me!!!. I just spoke to Jerry and he said that he will get back with me.

  3. In total agreement with all tablet buyers. I bought one two months ago , never been opened until 2nite for my

    granddaughters birthday and this piece of crap won’t even upload. Tried customer support but no reply.

    HELLO ARE YOU PEOPLE LISTENING!! You have a lot of angry customers. If no reply in 24 hours, I WILL BE

    CONTACTING THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!!! This kind of disrespect for customers will not be tolerated

    by hardworking Americans doing the RIGHT thing!! GROW UP KOCASO!!!!!

  4. Mine played games well.I am today waiting for my new one.They are replacing it for free for the second time in a year and a half.For what it cost I have enjoyed it.I can play offline even Facebook games when I am in the car on a trip. Just can’t buy things.They have definitely taken care of their. end by replacing it and they did answer at the customer service phone number during business hours

  5. I brought one of their tablet but can’t get the thing to transfer data to the sd card I brought so I could free up space to play my game on it. this is very upsetting as that the main reason i got a tablet as to play my games and down load books to take on the go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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