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Lane Bryant focuses on plus-size clothing that is fits and is fashionable.

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Charming Shoppes, Inc.
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12/7/2016 Lane Bryant Customer service Jennifer- I told her
Lane Bryant Customer service Jennifer- I told her that I just received my miracle vest and it was not even attached on both sides of the straps.

The first time i tried to place the order was on Nov 29 and i was told that I could not use my real woman dollars on this purchase. So what are those dollars for if u cant use them on what u want to use them for? Also I was upset about that so I called a mgr. One mgr stated he would order the item then send it 2 day shipping for me and waive it, but he cannot do 1 day shipping.

Then I called back and spoke to a female mgr who said that she could do 1 day shipping and I would receive it by Dec 2, 2 days later. Well low and behold, she ordered it and sent it ground shipping. So i had a model call to attend and missed it because the mgr did not fulfill her promise by sending 1 day.

Then i called back on the day i was supposed to get it, on Friday Dec 2 and found out that I would not get it until Dec 8. So the mgr that helped me gave me a 25 dollar refund, and send it 1 day. Now i got the item finally and 1 strap is not attached.

So i sent pics to the online chat guy who refunded me back the amount i paid for it and i called cust svc rep to order the piece again. They told me i cannot exchange in the store and i have to reorder. So now supposedly they refunded me back the money, which will not get to my account until 3 days from the refund day and i have to pay more for it. Lane Bryant truly has some excellent customer service, I must say. Only some of them carry out their correct job, but most suck at their jobs. Thanks Jennifer for sucky service. I am sure that Lane Bryant is pleased to have you as a representative.

After I pay this card off and get my vest, I am cancelling this card. I dont want nothing else from this company.

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6/23/2016 Lane Bryant - My wife is a regular monthly customer. I paid your
My wife is a regular monthly customer. I paid your bill and you received it a day or two late and charged me (due to vacation) $27.00 late fee. I tried to log into your website to lodge my complaint but can't sign in? Needless to say you WILL see a reduction in future business from us.

Wayne Read More
12/6/2015 Shopping at your Lane Bryant Vierra Florida store
Right before Thanksgiving I took my mother shopping at your Vierra Florida store. My mother just entered assisted living and has mobility issues. Your sales associate Sheena was fantastic, she worked with my wife and I for two hours making sure that my mother was treated with care. My mother noticed Sheena's necklace and commented on how pretty it was, and before we left Sheena took the necklace off and gave it to my mother. When we left my wife gave Sheena a hug and she was moved to tears because of how special of a person Sheena is. I would love to have Sheena on my team, and represent my organization like she does for you.

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8/25/2015 Lane Bryant - We have never been so upset with your employees
My mother has shopped in your stores for years and we have never been so upset with your employees and how they treat their customers. We usually shop at the one in the galleria mall in buffalo NY. I went in the store to return a shirt my mom had just bought she didn't like the way it looked so I told her I would return it for her. She paid for the shirt with her lane Bryant credit card and had paid the card off the same day. When I went into the store to return the shirt the ladies were very nasty about me returning it. They would not give me cash back for the shirt. They said I would either have to take the store credit or have it on back on the credit card that had already been paid off. I told them over and over I don't want store credit the shirt has already been paid for and I just want my money back in cash, they refused to do so. I took the store credit and pretty much we lost our money. This is a ridiculous policy I've ever heard of. We will not be coming back to any of your stores and will be telling All our family and friends not to shop there. You need new store employees that are not rude and disrespectful. My mom spends a lot of money in that store and you just lost a lot of money not only from us but from our family and friends as well.

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2/12/2015 Lane Bryant - As a flat chested heavy woman, I have never found
As a flat chested heavy woman, I have never found a shirt that fit properly from this brand. Not all heavy women are blessed with large breasts. I cannot even buy a bra from your company because you don't carry any that fit.

Kris Read More
2/2/2015 I've been a long time customer with Lane Bryant,
I've been a long time customer with Lane Bryant, and to find out that you can no longer use your cupons on clearance items is appalling, and yes I did remove my name from your mailing list, and will pass this info along to other shoppers will not shop this store again, you already charge too much for this cheap clothing and your fashion selctions has really changed for the worse.

L. Nelson Read More
12/8/2014 I always loved shopping at lane bryant. However,
I always loved shopping at lane bryant. However, that Is not the case anymore. The customer service stinks. I walk in the store an I'm not even greeted. The sales girl looked up and then went back to doing nothing. Their was not one customer in the store. I went in there with intentions of buying a new wardrobe. I changed my mind after that encounter. I found her to be extremely rude. NORTH ATTLEBORO MA LOCATION.

rachel Read More


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7/26/2013 Lane Bryant - Tinker, sorry but fat girls shouldn't wear
Tinker, sorry but fat girls shouldn't wear leggings. Lane Bryant shouldn't even sell them!! #ImaFatGirl size 16, wouldn't DREAM if wearing leggings!

Jackie Read More
6/9/2013 hello i have been shopping at the lane bryants in
hello i have been shopping at the lane bryants in Jacksonville Florida since i was 16 as i am a big busted woman and all i wanted for my birthday was a bra so i went to the Jacksonville fl outlet near the air port i litterly was waiting for 25 minitues to have some one help me and i did ask someone that worked there to assist me with fining a bra and she said the sizes out on the racks were the only sizes so i told her i would go to the orange park location and she said back to me that "if we dont carry the size they wont" so i started walking out and the lady said did the bras work and i said NO im going to orange park and she said "Good luck !" and started to laugh as i walked out ... so i drove an hour all the way to the Orange Park location didnt get a hello when i arrived or asked if i needed help.. until about an hour of looking confused all by myself a lady just came in to work and asked if i needed help i said yes and i had picked out at leas 15 bras to try on and another lady was so mad and started to roll her eyes and say what did i not help you out enough . and i told the people that worked there i would help put the bras back because i was trying so many on.. .even tho they get paid to help out in retail, so as i was walking out the girl that was there when i first got in the store started to laugh because i didnt find anything its hard enough trying to find plus size bras and i have to worry about the employs laughing at me almost bullying me the hole time because i couldn't find anything ! i have never been so upset in my life there was other things said to me i left with out a bra and will not be returning to any of your stores.. i dont know who has hired these people but they are so rood..

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3/7/2013 Lane Bryant - Poor customer service by the manager, Stephanie. I
Poor customer service by the manager, Stephanie. I had to even ask her for her name 3 times before she would give it to me. I asked for a phone of the district manager and was told she could only give out her e-mail. So glad to hear a company is so unapproachable to help.

I wanted to return 2 itmes that were broken. I was told she could not accpet them back without a receipt. Maybe you need to have better methods of tracking purchases as I put it on my credit card. I finally ask if I could have credit and even then I was given less than I paid. Attitude of yourt staff makes a big difference

I definiely do not want to shop in this store

Dori Read More
2/27/2013 I shop for my two daughtes at Lane Bryant. I went
I shop for my two daughtes at Lane Bryant. I went a couple weeks ago. I bought 2 tops that had V necks. I was really disappointed that none of the other printed shirts had V necks. They were beautiful prints but I can't believe you don't realize that a V neck makes you look slimmer and the round neck makes a heavy woman look fat and wide, emphasizing the bustline. I would have bought 5 or 6 because the colors and prints were great.

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