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The Talbots, Inc. is a leading international specialty retailer, cataloger and e-tailer of women?s classic apparel, shoes and accessories. At the end of fiscal 2007, the Company operated a total of 1,421 stores in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Canada and the U.K., with 1,150 stores under the Talbots brand name and 271 stores under the J. Jill brand name. Its direct marketing operation circulated approximately 126 million catalogs worldwide in fiscal 2007, with 48 million under the Talbots brand name and 78 million under the J. Jill brand name.

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12/22/2013 The Talbots Inc. - Talbots Retail Store Did Not Open Until Noon!
I drove my wife about an hour away to primarily shop at the store in Orange CT today only to find that they do not open until NOON on the last weekend shopping say before Christmas. Every other store in the universe has extended holiday hours. Do you know how to run a retail store to make it friendly for customers. Wake up. Get to work and reap the benefits of being there for your customers or close your doors for good like you have had to so in so many other locations

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2/20/2013 The Talbots Inc. - I shopped yesterday Tuesday the 19th and last
I shopped yesterday Tuesday the 19th and last month at your Chicago Premium Outlet store. This is a once a year trip I take and on both occasions I had the same associate help me. Her employee number on the receipt is #0088910. This woman is amazing she helped me in everyway she could without ever ignoring other customers. She caught onto my taste in color and design in no time. She was friendly never rushing me and I was there for over 3 hours. I have never replied to a business before but in this case no way could I ignor this pleasant experience I had. She made it so much fun. I honestly don't shop for myself all year other now once for winter clothes and once for summer and I'm good to go. Talbots is the only location I walk into love the product and it FITS! This woman is amazing and I feel a large asset to your business. Thank you! Sandie

Sandie Hodor Read More
6/10/2012 The Talbots Inc. - been to talbots here recently..did find a nice
been to talbots here recently..did find a nice skirt...but had to get a sleeveless top and a sweater to go with it.....wanted the shorts you had last year....loved them..but now changed the used to sew so i know what good material is...told them so......everything is so trendy these days that it is very disappointing....seems like clothes all come from china....cheaply made....and too trendy..........talbots was always a good store....but now everybody is getting greedy and only thinks of the money part and not the people......please bring back better clothing for the older generation..........thanks you......

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4/24/2012 The Talbots Inc. - 4-24-12OH MY GOSH!! Just stumbled on this site, I

OH MY GOSH!! Just stumbled on this site, I was looking for Customer Service phone no. - Thank goodness (but, sadly) I have found other women who realize how you've been deteriorating!!:( I could always find a bunch of things I loved and that fit me well at Talbots - not the past couple years! So very disappointed! WHAT have you done to the pants?!! Your pants were some of my favorites. Now, they're low set and tight?! Tacky, tacky - I used to get excited because I'd walk out w/great finds and some still reside in my closet - but these days a trip to your store leaves me discouraged:(
Wish you could turn it around!

Lori Read More
12/30/2011 The Talbots Inc. - DO YOU NOT WANT MY BUSINESS ANY MORE? What has
What has happened to the original Talbots where I have shopped for over 20 years and why did you resize your pants? ..... and your new sizing is not any better. I love my older cotton ankle pants, but now there is not one pair of ankle pants that will fit me. Before, any pant in my size would fit me, but now the pants are too tight, too large in the waist, and way too low. My size may have changed, but my taste has not.
I am 56 years old and I like to look youthful, in style, polished, but pants must fit correctly. I am a petite and prefer the slimmer leg, ankle length, but they must fit at my waist and hips. I certainly do not want to see panty lines OR bulges. Proper fitting pants will make a person appear slimmer and will also make the outfit look better.
I have just purchased over $700.00 at J Jill this week. I purchased leggings, sweaters, tops, skirts, belts, and jewelry. Five years ago, all that money would have gone to you. Earlier this year, I purchased 2 pairs of pants at Ann Taylor, but they do not fit.
I need the old Talbots back with pants that fit. Are you listening?????????

Sandra Read More
11/21/2011 The Talbots Inc. - I am so happy to see that you are bringing back
I am so happy to see that you are bringing back clothes that your older customers will buy. I shopped at Talbots for years and then all of a sudden I couldn't find anything suitable for my age. I do see tht you are bringing more styles for the older generation. You must remember that these are the people that can afford your clothes. You are competing with Ann Taylor, Kohrs, Targets and a lot of retailers that are much cheaper and you must remember that the younger generation likes to stay on top of the styles and they can't afford to buy your clothes and discard them the next year. Stay with the older women/

yvonne Read More
11/6/2011 The Talbots Inc. - I am so validated reading all of these comments.
I am so validated reading all of these comments. I too have shopped Talbots throughout my career and have a reputation for looking sophisticated and stylish. I knew I could find everything at Talbots. I don't want to look like Express or H & M. This is what has happened. Whoever tried to change the style and customer base was foolish. In addition, a large population of women have been vocal. I still receive compliments on the Talbots classics that I pull out and dress up each year. They are so well made. I just bought a turtle neck and it is so cheaply made. Who ruined Talbots? Why was it important to attract young women who would never step foot in a Talbots? They still don't. Why push jeans? did Talbots bring on a younger board to change what was successful? Isn't it sad that a failing store would still thrive because there is a very loyal base out there who want to look stylish and wear quality clothes. Talbots had that and now they are like Target.

Susie Read More
10/29/2011 The Talbots Inc. - Hold it! I actually think the problem is
Hold it! I actually think the problem is marketing. People stop me CONSTANTLY and compliment my outfit. I buy for myself and my four girls in their twenties. It's, to me, how you put the outfits together. I just bought the wrap dress in the raven color with the raven coat. It's stunning. I bought the coordinating scarf. I also bought the color-block black/green dress with the coordinating black/green cardigan. I bought the cyan dress and coordinating sweater and scarf. It also has a suede belt that coordinates. I am continually complimented because the colors pull together a total "look" that is unusual and very pretty. My daughter works on Capitol Hill and also is regularly complimented. I'm just saying that Talbots doesn't market their coordinating colors as they should. They don't "put it together" for customers. I used to sew, so I know how to do it. Sad that they're not doing better on the stock chart, but they have the merchandise for conservative looks; they're just not showing it!
I am a vice president, and what I wear is of utmost importance. I'm also on a hospital board in the San Francisco area. I'm small, not a model-type who looks good in everything.

Diane Read More
10/19/2011 The Talbots Inc. - So very sad about Talbots. I, too, have been a
So very sad about Talbots. I, too, have been a long-time customer (since the 1970s). Have had a $100 gift card sitting in my wallet for nearly a year but--after many tries--have found absolutely NOTHING that appeals. Even the Web site has become disappointing. For those of us with narrow feet, having a separate link to narrow sizes is helpful--but each of the shoes/boots I selected were only available in medium widths. If stock is no longer available in narrow, it shouldn't be listed there. It is details like this that have obviously gone by the wayside. Sorry to see a store that enjoyed such a fine reputation for so long become such a disappointment.

V. Garrett Read More
8/23/2011 The Talbots Inc. - Just got the latest catalog and there is not ONE
Just got the latest catalog and there is not ONE THING in it I wanted to buy or would buy even if it were on sale. the clothes are ugly - too short, too tight, garish and cheap looking. I have shopped at Talbots for years but no more. The Litchfield store is closing and I won't be surprised if they all close soon because who wants to look so sloppy, slutty even? A far cry from the simple elegant becoming clothes you used to carry.
It makes me sad. It looks likes H&M stuff. I have more money now than when I was young and nowhere to spend it!

former loyal Talbot's customer Read More
8/2/2011 The Talbots Inc. - I have been a loyal Talbots customer since the
I have been a loyal Talbots customer since the days when you sold Capezio shoes but for the past several years almost every purchase I've made I have either returned or despite alterations I have not been able to wear. I have written at least twice before so again, in my opinion, you have forgotten your base and gone for the younger trendy generation. Pants have the lower waistline, dresses and tops are mostly sleeveless, slacks are very slim, shorts are very short, and materials used, look cheap in many cases. Just inappropriate for older women. You have forgotten your base which to me are now older women who still like to look fashionable, have the time to shop and may be willing to pay a little more for style. And because we have always shopped at Talbots we kept trying. Now, I have trouble even getting a catalog much less finding something that I can wear. I'm afraid you have lost another customer. Having read recent financials concerning Talbots, I don't think I'm the only one who feels this way. Personally I am looking for casual, stylish clothes with a natural waist and sleeves of varying lengths.

Judy from Maine Read More
6/23/2011 The Talbots Inc. - Something is wrong with your online order form.
Something is wrong with your online order form. Have been trying to order a bathing suit for 15 minutes and can't get thru to checkout even tho I have done everything properly. In your recent sale ad which I received this morning. Will try todo it by phone,

Joan Read More
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